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How To Be More Humane!

Posted: October 18, 2020

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Humanity should not differ as per our moods or people’s class, race, religion, or skin color. We should treat everyone with equal respect!

What is your behavior with people around you tells a lot about you. What and how you speak to people tell a lot about your upbringing environment. Your body resonates at the same frequency as Mother Earth, so it is important to be one with each other. It is more important to mend mankind and humanity.

A human being, also called as Homo Sapiens means “wise human”. Probably, the only evolved creature who has the ability to express their emotions. And how do we do it, is completely on us. We can either be the change that we want to see in others or let the world get crushed by our ego and hate.

Why do we differentiate people on the basis of class, race, colour, religion, etc

Let me tell you a conversation I had with Sumeeta Aunty. She helps us with our daily chores. She has worked at my home for the last 5 years. She is proud of herself. So am I. Because to be independent is the biggest gift one can give to oneself. One day, I was helping her, while she was working. She started the conversation.

Her: I have started working in a new home and I will tell you what happened the other day.

The lady was doing her calculations in the bedroom and as soon as she saw me, she hurried and pushed her money in the bag. As if to hide it from me.

I listened carefully and curiously

Her: I did not pay attention to her, I did my work and moved on to the next room. Beta, Tell me how long have I been working with you? Did I ever take (steal) even 10 paise from you? If ever I did that, would you not call me a thief if you see me on the road? Moreover, if many people come to know about this, would they give me work?

I said,”No”.

Her: Wouldn’t they say Sumeeta Aunty is a thief.

This sentence struck me for a while.

I thought this would not have happened if it was another person. This whole “Hiding money while your help is around” is not at all acceptable. If we don’t trust the people who work for us, we should not expect any kind of emotion from them as well.

Similarly, there are times when we talk rudely with our watchmen, or auto drivers or shopkeepers.

Where has the empathy and human connect gone?

Why do we not see them as humans and see them as class?

Unless we learn these basic virtues associated with the ethics of altruism derived from human conditions, we are being less humane.

Humanity should not differ as per our moods or people’s class, race, religion, or skin color.

The highest calling for a person is to serve the greater good of humanity and the world.

So, the next time when you meet a person, see them as a human. You will be left with self peace and inner happiness

Also, remember, that we are nothing but skin and bones, trained to get along. So get along, but with more compassion, love, and empathy.

Image source: Flickr, for representational purposes only.

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