Boys Locker Room Helps Us Reflect On How We Raise Our Kids

The boys' locker room incident has catalysed many debates and discussions. Yet, what is to be said about how we raise our kids?

The boys’ locker room incident has catalysed many debates and discussions. Yet, what is to be said about how we raise our kids?

The incident about “BOYS LOCKER ROOM” is a matter of concern today where 16-17 years old are casually talking of gang raping girls and women, swapping nudes without the consent of these women.

Now,  justice is demanded and we should take action against the people concerned. We should take a moment and refect on this type of behaviour.

Is this something soleley perpretrated by these teenage boys, or is there something else at large? Is society and family responsible for this kind of beharviour?

How society plays a role

When a child is born, he or she doesn’t know much about what their gender demands of them by society. It is when they grow in a family and society that we make them understand. We bind hem to a set of rules and regulations, teach them about the social norms and set of cultures to follow.

Children are often the products of environments they are rasied in. They learn by seeing their parents’ behavior and emulating the beharviour of those around them. We often teach girls and boys differently. We give the latter more freedom, acceptance, and often ignore and forgive their behaviour if it crosses a line. Meanwhile, our girls are taught to be more cautious and weary about their surroundings. And most of the time, we tell them to accommodate and withstand the behaviour of boys. This type of cycle is what has led to the ”bois locker room” indcident.

As society propagates these norms, it is our responsibility that we teach both genders the importance of dignity and respect for the other.

Are we raising our kids well?

These chats in the “boys locker room” question the upbringing of our children as what we are teaching our children( verbal or through our informal behavior) will impact them later in life. Are we even paying close attention to our children at all? We need to play a positive role in shaping our children and their future. Yet, have we failed as a role model ?

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It’s high time we pay close attention to each and every thing, observe this matter carefully and take proper actions as parents, as family members, as neighbours, and as a society. These types of incidents should not be reported in future.

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