5 Tips To Mindfully Work From Home Amidst The Corona Virus Outbreak

From creating a routine, to cutting people some slack, these five work from home tips will help you stay calmer, more focused, and be more effective.

From creating a routine, to cutting people some slack, these five work from home tips will help you stay calmer, more focused, and be more effective.

Amidst the corona virus outbreak, most of us are working from home (WFH). Some of us are used to WFH, but for most this is definitely a new way. No more tea or lunch breaks with colleagues, no more walks after lunch and evening parties are way off the grid. WFH can feel challenging at times.

I have been working from home for the past six years. In 2015, when I started my venture, I opted for WFH instead of a co-working space. Initially it was to avoid extra costs. And then it was the comfort and flexibility a home office offers.

I am also a Yoga Teacher and I take sessions on stress management and relieving body pain through breathing and stretching practices.

Combining my work experience, I am sharing five simple tips to work from home effectively and comfortably.

1 – Create a routine 

When working from home, you will probably feel no need to have a routine. Most of us just jump on to work right after checking emails first thing in the morning.  

Try to start your day with some form of exercise, yoga, meditation, mindfulness. Whatever works for you, do that. You will see your energy levels going up.

Freshen up, wear nice clothes and get ready to work.

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Be grateful that you have the chance to work and to be with your family at the same time. Not everyone has this luxury.

After work hours, take time out for introspection, hobbies, family, building a new skill. That’s the silver lining of WFH. You save on the travel time, so you will have those couple of extra hours in hand now.

A proper routine will allow you to have a productive work day as well as a Happy Day overall.

2 – Have a separate work space and personal space

When we mix up our spaces and we end up feeling distracted. So, if you can, have a separate room. Your study area or guest room can be turned into a temporary office space with a chair and a desk or table. Avoid using the sofa or the couch. A chair and desk will give you proper back and arm support.

If you live in a smaller space, you can turn a corner of your room into your work space.

You can even consider a make-shift standing desk as an alternative option. I use one of my side cupboards which gives enough elevation and is decently broad, as my standing desk. Be creative and find a good hack using your furniture.

3 – Keep a time check and take breaks 

Now that you are settled in a work space, it is important to have a time check. We all lose track of time while working. Deciding your dedicated work hours can help you plan your day better.

Remind yourself to take breaks from the screens. While on your breaks, you can stretch your body. Simple practices like stretching your shoulders, arms and legs, wrist and neck rotations, deep breathing; will help to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Also take out time to talk to your friends or check on your family. Locking yourself in a work space isn’t going to make you more productive. Being engaged and happy will.    

Most importantly, don’t let work overflow into your personal and family time.

4 – Remember it’s Home 

Expecting your family members to change their routine and behave in a certain way so you don’t feel distracted, isn’t fair. That TV will be switched on and they will talk and go about doing their regular chores. Figure out a way together and respect their time and space as well.  

If you find your family members around your work space at times of your meetings or calls, it is OK. Don’t make it a big deal. In these times, we all are in the same boat. Our colleagues, customers, stakeholders – everyone understands this and will be happy to accommodate.

Let’s remember we are bringing work to home and not vice-versa.

5 – Deal with the ‘Not So Good’ Days

We all work with people and share great bonds with our team members.  So, after a few days of working all alone, you may experience boredom, dullness or lack of motivation.

On such days, remind yourself why you picked up this job. If you enjoy what you do, then this lack of motivation will fade away real soon. It is just about reminding yourself.

Even if your job is just something that pays your bills, that should come as a huge motivation. You can’t expect your boss to motivate you all the time. You must find it within.

If you feel lonely, talk to your friends and share a good laugh. Listen to music, indulge in a hobby, talk to your family, dance if you like. Get into action mode. If you are enjoying your time, then these moments of dullness will fade away easily.

To wrap up, I would say, this is a new way for many of us, so give yourself and others some time to settle in this new rhythm. And do all of this with a big smile.

Happy Working from Home!

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

First published here.

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