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Now When I’ve Quarantined Myself, I’ve Freed My Thoughts…

Posted: March 28, 2020

Social isolation and being at home all the time, even if busy, can set you free, in unexpected ways…

I tried caging each thought crossing my mind,

Some were meaningless and others were poetic.

When tired chasing I set them free,

Then it seemed no more chaotic.

I tried chasing meaning to each,

Some were resolving some left me with no speech.

It took a while to realise I’m caged in my own view;

Suddenly I found the freedom in the lockdown.

I speculated penny gets me people,

now I have these but no one’s coming closer to me;

I always wore a mask,

now that can be seen.

I hugged with hatred deep inside

now it’s poisonous;

I shook my hand with no agreement,

now they agree it’s contiguous.

The business demanded my days and nights,

suddenly it can be functional with my distance;

I have many stocks now these are worth no currencies.

I thought exams would test my awareness, but I’m unaware how did I go to next level;

I often socialised but was lonely,

today isolated but not alone.

My time was precious for my family, now they have it in abundance;

Pocket full of pennies couldn’t buy me meals, so I cooked them all by my self.

Little leftover was thrown earlier, today I preserve them for tomorrow’s meals;

I have enough grants to buy medicine and groceries but they have no enough medication and groceries.

I liked it when my help cleaned the house and I paid her,

now she can’t afford to pay for it so I help myself;

Messy hands were not an issue, now it’s a slogan every where to keep them clean.

My holidays were travel bound and today I can’t afford to go out;

I discriminated between well and unwell,

now no one knows who’s ill and who’s well.

Mysteriously I sneaked into mother earth,

she’s conspiring to take it all back;

As I slowly set the thoughts free,

I realise I did bit too much to survive.

Now I quarantined myself and freed my thoughts.

Image source: shutterstock

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