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Be You – A Women’s Day Special

Then I decided to give my writing passion a new wing and my love for parenting a new high and wrote my bestselling book

The journey of a 42-year-old mother and an Amazon #1 bestselling author is as frantic as it sounds. A little deeper in the story if you dig in this is what you will get.

I have been married to a college friend for the last 14 years and this relationship has gifted me a 10-year-old Princess and a 7-year-old Champion.

These many years of my marital relationship have shown me that when the marriage enters from the door how the friendship exits through the window. But thankfully, romance and love still hide in the corner of the house in my case.

I had been working since the age of eighteen years and a year and half old motherhood brought a pause to that. After serving for giant listed corporates for more than a decade, I decided to become a ‘Full-time Mommy’.

I quit my highly rewarding career in finance in June 2013, and from then till today it is 8 years and 8 months. These almost 9 years were full of learning, victories in parenting, motherhood woes and introspection. The two little munchkins who decided the journey for me are now smart and independent.

Suddenly, in a couple of years after leaving the job, my partner started feeling that I have absolutely no subject other than parenting to discuss with him or anyone. I started seeking my own attention. I had an excessive amount of time to start a conversation with any unwanted person. This led to a lot of confrontation. My expectation from the world mushroomed to an extent that it left me in despair. People in the family started taking me easy and it kept me depressed. I started hanging out with people with whom I could never connect. My growing children were amused to see that apart from their dad and themselves, their mother too could operate a laptop.

This reminded me of my career back. But I couldn’t reverse my role as a mother and throw my children at the mercy of anyone and head to restart my career. After all, this precious journey of a parent had started out of passion, not by compulsion.

Then I decided to give my writing passion a new wing and my love for parenting a new high and wrote my bestselling book (children’s non-fiction).

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I took it a step further and started to help young children to write profoundly and voice their thoughts to the world. Till now, I have helped 800+ children and created little young Published Authors. My daughter is one of those young Authors. I have also helped 300+ IAS students to manage their time and become more productive and remain less stressed through my Masterclasses.

Now my children often share with their friends that their mother is frequently awarded, have been caught by YouTubers for interviews and also proudly share with their friends and teachers about my upcoming three books on parenting. Now they are also super thrilled to see that I’m writing a children’s movie which should hit the box office in August 2022.

The key takeaway from these generous years is, to find your self-worth while you play the role of a mom, wife or daughter. After all, it’s your journey and you get to decide what to do. The blame and credit should go to you and only you for breaking and making it.

I still hang out with people (of my own choice and who share a similar mindset).

On this Women’s Day, start your journey to be You.

Mother (Nothing satisfies me more than this title).

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Roopashri Sinha is an Amazon# 1 Bestselling Author, Blogger, founder of Story Weavers’ Academy and Children's coach for mentoring them to write profoundly and to help them to become published Authors. She is also read more...

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