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A lot of us collect data today – whether from our social media, Google Analytics, by doing surveys with our users or other means. How can ensure that we use this data in powerful ways? Data can help us take better decisions, whether it is to introduce a new product, fix an existing one, or focus more on our most loyal customers.

Join Coach XYZ on this Inside Track session where we meet industry insiders who share with us how to do better. These are interactive sessions that let you meet experts and peers to truly discuss together.

Session Outline

Better use of Data for Marketing – Today all of us collect data from multiple sources, whether it is from social media, direct user surveys, behavioural data through devices or other means. Let’s understand how to better move from data to decision making, especially if you are not an analytics specialist

Planning for the future – As your team grows, what are the factors you need to consider when investing in infrastructure, and how do you ensure that your users’ data is safe with you? Let’s hear from the experts!

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Date & Time

28th February, 10 – 12 PM

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