The Alchemy Of Love

When you fall in love, there is no right or wrong. You grow up instantly and overnight.

When you fall in love, there is no right or wrong. You grow up instantly and overnight. You are so into each other, the world ceases to matter. You smile for no reason, sing songs, even ‘sarkai lo khatiya jaada lage’ feels ohh so romantic! You start looking after your savage self and flutter your eyelids as you put some make up on. You even begin relating to the saree-clad rain-drenched lead characters we often bear on the silver screens.

Things begin to brighten up for boys too. Regular bathing sessions along with an advanced sense of fashion soon gets instilled in their love-struck minds. The most rough and tough men too get carried away in the chocolate day epidemic, along with rose day, teddy bear day, and finally Valentine’s day.

This did not happen with us. Our relationship had a sudden beginning, with mutual understanding – I thought he was fun and he thought I was beautifully dusky. Quite a solid foundation for a bond!

With almost all contradictory qualities we shared, life became easy and even more cheerful. Our similarities were and still are limited to love for driving and video gaming. He is all about numbers and gadgets while I find pleasure in words and dogs. We walked hand in hand metaphorically of course, when the sun shone bright and fought like warriors till one of us hoisted the white flag. We laughed till our stomachs hurt and also ate endless happy meals for the love of minions.

It would be far too clichéd to say that, I don’t believe it has been half a year already since the wedding, because I have been overtly conscious of the passing moments this whole time. I have had my ‘haila’ moments occasionally, when he has been too cute and not called me fat or chimp look-alike! In response, I too have done much cuter things and not called him… well, similar things!

I am not sure if our marriage was made in heaven or even if I am going to trouble him for the next seven births (as the rituals guarantee). What I do know is that I have gained the company of a great human being, a person who pampers me like a father, guides me like a friend and protects me like a lover.

Barring the fact that he still won’t go for regular haircuts, won’t shave for weeks and brushes his teeth after taking bath, there is so much I love him for! I am happy to be his lady love and a drunken co-pilot for this amazing journey for years to come.

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