Taking Moral Policing To A Whole New Level – Another Violent Incident In Hyderabad Shook My Faith In Humans

Humans are losing their humanity. Another violent incident in Hyderabad where a girl was beaten up and stripped makes me wonder where has humanity gone!

Humans are losing their humanity. Another violent incident in Hyderabad where a girl was beaten up and stripped makes me wonder where has humanity gone!

Merely few days after the brutal rape of the Hyderabad vet, another incident surfaced on the news. Another incident that makes us question whether humans have lost the essence of humanity.

An Instagram user who goes by the name Vaishnavi (The Indian Minimalist) wrote an account of something horrifying that happened to her friend.

The incident took place at around 7 pm in Banjara Hills on Sunday. Indu was going out with her friend in her car. When she was merely two minutes away from her house, another car hit theirs and the people stepped out of the car. According to Indu, the people pulled her and her friend out the car and started yelling at them and beating them up.

But what is more horrifying is what happened during the whole yelling and thrashing sequence. The video that Vaishnavi uploaded, it can be clearly seen that the women from the other car not only yelled at Indu but pulled her out so violently that her entire t-shirt was being pulled. It very obviously visible that Indu tried to explain something to them, but the women weren’t willing to listen to her. They tore at her clothes, her t-shirt, and her bra. Now mind you, this happened in the middle of the road with a number of people watching.



What happened after?

After this incident, a case was filled at the Banjara Hills police station. Now according to Indu, the police didn’t ask the opposite party any valid questions. As the aggrieved party, Indu was asked unreasonable and disgusting questions while the other people were not. Although what’s infuriating and saddening is that they asked Indu questions like-

What was her caste?

What was she doing outside at 7:30 pm?

Was she wearing short clothes?

Were her inners strong?

Did she provoke anyone?

Was she under the influence of alcohol?

What we need to understand here is that the use of criminal force against anyone to encroach their personal space and question their choices is a crime. The people invaded her privacy and her personal space when they tore at her clothes and beat her up. Also, no-one, absolutely no-one, has the right to ask a woman questions about her clothes and her lifestyle.

Who was at fault?

We need to understand very clearly here that even if it turned out that Indu was at fault, no one has the right to pull someone’s clothes like that. Nobody has the right to make anyone else feel uncomfortable about their actions. No-one has the right to assault anyone like that.

Apart from this, the bigger picture here is that this assault was done by another woman. As shocking as it is, this isn’t something new that has happened in our society. We have often seen oppressed women turn into oppressors due to internalised patriarchy.

At the same time, this is something that needs to change.

Women already have it pretty tough in the patriarchal society and they already face enough challenges. So why should we, as women make it even tougher and difficult for one another?

As women, we need to understand that we won’t grow if we keep tearing each other down all the time. We need to show men how we should be respected and treated. And for this to happen, we need to uplift one another first.

Are we humans enough?

Might is right is the principle of the jungle but do humans live in jungles? The use of power and force to prove a point is not what humanity preaches. But these recent incidents of brutality everywhere makes us wonder about our humanity.

In the above-mentioned scenario, violence was taken as a medium to find answers. Irrespective of whoever’s fault it was, a girl was assaulted, made feel uncomfortable by a group of people in the middle of a road. To add to it, no-one came to her rescue.

What’s shocking here is that such death of humanity keeps happening every other day. Women are stripped naked on road, assaulted, people are lynched on road but, no one speaks up.

It’s high time now that we question why and how have we become the generation of silence and brutality?

Picture credits: YouTube

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