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What’s Wrong In Wanting More? If You Can Fly, Then Why Not Soar?

Don't lose hope, despite the dark times, says the poet. That with the support of a sisterhood, you could have the courage to rise and fly. 

Don’t lose hope, despite the dark times, says the poet. That with the support of a sisterhood, you could have the courage to rise and fly. 

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day
So relinquish your yearning to end the pain,
If that’s the price you have to pay!
Yes, Rome can’t ever be built in a day.

So there’s sorrow in your smiles that continues to grow.
But the false face must hide what the false heart doth know!
Was the fault really in the stars, as you continue to say?
Well no, it’s within yourself, and has forever been this way!

In this godforsaken world, foul is fair and fair is foul!
This dismal state of affairs may sometimes break your iron-soul.
So don’t perish in the hopes that those shimmering shackles bring.
You are that caged bird, so never refuse to sing!

So don’t adore this stage yet, you’re the caged bird who had declined to fly!
You’re the nightingale’s forgotten song, you’re the swallow’s forbidden cry!
Walk past that sunset and by the break of dawn, recover your glow!
Remember you were the one who dared to dream of that colored rainbow!

Don’t yet crush the voice of that unfulfilled dream,
However broken it may seem,
To those who ask you to contain yourself within the confines of the blanket of your fate.
Gleefully toss it away, or uncover the one that fits,
Go catch it like a butterfly, if it’s the lightning that hits!

Go tend to those wounds, and mend that heart on your own,
For the road less traveled may find you treading the path alone,
But wasn’t it you who choose this solitude,
Did you ever need a chaperone in your servitude?

Would you submit to agony’s call that haunts your hermit-spirit?
Or would you create the world that you could never inherit?
The sand of time is slipping swiftly from your hand,
The ship has sailed, forthwith discover a coast to land!

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Well, happiness is a utopian state you will never really find,
But the starry night will soon discover its way within the Van Gogh of your mind!
The horizon will celebrate the burning rays at the break of dawn,
Sunset was never more hopeful of spotting the golden fawn!

The chimera of your foes would soon go away,
The kaleidoscope of your allies will illuminate the way!
So, what’s wrong in still wanting more?
If you can fly, then why not soar?

Embrace the ashes of the ambiguous loss emerging from the fire within,
Hope asking you to walk through and faith commanding to jump in!
Don’t abandon that hunger yet, and go ahead,
Take the leap and finish this unfinished business!

A version of this was first published here.

Image source: unsplash

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