Oprah.. I Just Can’t Get Enough Of Her!

I am yet to see a celebrity who in the public limelight speaks of the truth of existence and to seek the purpose of this life that has been given to us.

I was watching the speech that Oprah gave on the occasion of the Golden Globes, and what a great speech it was. What sets Oprah apart from her contemporaries is that she is not jaded. She still has the curiosity to want to know about people from the vantage point of empathy rather than malice or plain inquisitiveness. I think that’s what sets her apart. The genuine interest that she expresses in wanting to know the other person is a class apart. Her ability to connect with people on a personal level and to ask the questions that the viewer might want to ask. This element is almost absent in the current entertainment industry. Most questions that people pose to the celebrities are very leading and very routine which really don’t give scope for an independent answer. Her ability to think and observe people and see how they respond to adversity is something we all can emulate. There are very few people who think deeply enough to pose intelligent questions that actually would warrant an answer.

Her flair to actively listen is, yet another lesson worth learning. Most people (self-included) are so in love with their own voice that they just don’t want to hear what the other person is saying or trying to say. A majority of the people listen to people but don’t actually hear them, and in between these two words lies an ocean of difference. To be heard and listened to and understood is the panacea to almost all the existing problems. Another poignant aspect of her speech delivery is that she speaks the truth, not only in the literal sense but it rings with so much integrity that one can’t help but agree to everything that she says. As she says her truth is to speak from the heart and say things that might not at all times be palatable to all the people but say it nevertheless and to stand by what she has said. That, in a nutshell, is a true sign of greatness. That is what differentiates a leader from the boss of the show.

One very pertinent aspect about Oprah is how seriously she takes the role of someone who has the capacity to influence people. In everything she says and does, she knows that there are millions of people watching her every move and listen to everything she says and so does it with a lot of sincerity. There is nothing cavalier about her persona that would warrant a change. After the many years of fame, money and popularity, she still remains uncorrupted. She knows that to whom much is given, much is expected and it rings true with every project she undertakes.

I am yet to see a celebrity who in the public limelight speaks of the truth of existence and to seek the purpose of this life that has been given to us. The kindness she says defines a human being. It costs nothing she says and yet people are wary of being kind to one another. She truly is a great leader who leads by example.

May her tribe grow. May she inspire many many more people both young and old to stand up and speak their truth, cause that is what that will eventually set us free.


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