“I Am A Person, Not A Number”, Do Not Judge Me!

Numbers will come and go like anything else but who you are as a person matters more than anything else. ⁣

I can only assume this but most of you would have had an experience where people treated you differently in different circumstances because of your numbers.⁣ Maybe they are praising you. Or maybe they are criticising you. But both these things are not real because they do not represent who you are. ⁣They are just a reflection of a part of your life at that particular moment. And even that part is not something to judge you by.⁣

Those numbers could be anything. Your weight, marks, money and many more things. ⁣You can actually count anything including the number of things which others see in you to differentiate you from others. And then judge you if you don’t match their standards.⁣

But you can’t really blame them as being the originators for that thought. They are saying exactly what they have been seeing around them. And this was the way they were being judged by others since they first started to make sense of the world around them.⁣

This concept has been passed like a baton from generation to generation. And it has become this monster from which it is not so easy to escape. It’s everywhere.! ⁣All we can do is understand that people are going to judge you no matter what you do or who you are.⁣

There is no point in falling in this trap of trying to measure up to anyone’s standard about anything in life. ⁣The thing that matters most is to constantly aim for growth and experience all that you need to grow as a person. ⁣Numbers will come and go like anything else but who you are as a person matters more than anything else. ⁣

Those who like you for who you are will not treat you the same way all your life whatever your numbers may be. Their behaviour towards you will in no way be disrespectful or condescending because of any number regardless of how important that number is considered to be.

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