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13 Reasons Why Working Mothers Can Make Excellent Entrepreneurs

Posted: July 10, 2019

Working mothers and entrepreneurs have several things in common. We have 13 reasons why working mothers would make amazing entrepreneurs.

Success is not determined by your role, but by the balance you achieve in life. If you can multitask and achieve that balance, then you will be in a happy space. And who better a multi-tasker than a working mother? And aren’t all entrepreneurs known for their ability to multi-task?

Here’s why working mothers would make excellent entrepreneurs:

They are great decision makers and planners: A mother is known for her inherently great decision making power and her ability to plan things. Every great business needs planning. Being a working mother, you do plan for day-to-day things, right? So, you can apply the same for running your business.

They have the power of discipline: As a mother, self-discipline is a key lesson taught to the children, so they skills of self-discipline are already imbibed in you. The same thing is required to run your business; do apply it to achieve your goals.

Aware of their strengths: When you raise a child, you are usually aware of where your strengths lie. As an entrepreneur, you need to know where your strengths are at and make use of them.

The Ability to be flexible: Working women who have children are extremely flexible with their time and in situations of high stress. The flexibility of your approach is what helps you make right decisions as an entrepreneur.

Patience and Generosity: Mothers have always been known for their patience and their kindness and generosity. These are also three traits that every successful entrepreneur also has.

Stay focused on bigger things: Small impractical things don’t matter to you when you are raising a child. You always think about the bigger picture. This is an advantage for successfully running your business as well, the power of staying focused.

The Budget Control: Working mothers handle finances in the best possible way. They keep stock of expenses and maintain a track for it. The same skills can be used to handle finances at large and small organisations.

Hard-work and Passion: If you work hard with passion, you’ll be able to achieve all your goals, this is something you teach your children. So, the same hard work and passion you can use to run your successful business.

Teamwork: As a working mother, you play games with your children to increase their teamwork skills. Teamwork is also important for your business being an entrepreneur.

Unwelcome Situations: A working mother knows how to deal with unwelcome situations. It happens all the time when the child is small. This helps in better decision making in business.

Creative Juices: As a mother, you are quite creative with things to keep your child occupied. The same creativity can be used in your business. Well, hard work and creativity pave the way for success.

Guidance: You guide your children to make the right choices in life. So, you have that inbuilt trait in you. You can use the same for guiding your employees because that’ll make you a perfect entrepreneur.

So, Dream, Believe and Achieve, as you are the best!

Image via Vecteezy.com

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