The Barbaric Murder Of A 2 Year Old In Aligarh Makes Us Wonder Where We Have Lost Our Humanity

Posted: June 7, 2019

The recent barbaric murder of a child in Aligarh highlights the ways in which people use vulnerable children as a tool for their revenge.

Some things just make us wonder what has happened to our so-called civilised world and where we have lost our humanity. The recent gut-wrenching incident of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl barbarically killed just over a financial dispute makes us ponder this.

On May 30 two and a half-year-old Twinkle went missing in Aligarh. Three days after on June 2 her body was found in a dumping ground near her house. The minor was strangled to death and her body found mutilated. The little girl was brutally killed because her parents reportedly failed to repay a loan of Rs 10,000. A little girl was heinously killed for just 10,000 Rupees. Digest it if you can.

Did the police act fast enough?

Although the police have arrested the accused, the parents of the minor are accusing the police of not performing its duty properly.

In an interview given by the parents to Mirror Now, the father is seen saying that “if the police would have performed its duty well my child would have been alive”. According to Twinkle’s father, they had gone to the police station on May 30th when the girl went missing but the police apparently didn’t file the complain and instead asked them “to search her here and there”.

After 30 hours on 31st finally, the FIR was filed. Not just this, it was the family who handed over the accused to the police instead of the police nabbing him.

In the investigation, it was even found out that the second accused in this case, had a similar history with child abuse and was out on bail. Another lapse by the police was that when the missing complaint was filed then the record of people having similar criminal history was not checked.

There are chances that Twinkle could have been saved if there weren’t so many lapses from the police side. This entire incident again raises the question of the credibility of our system.

According to NCRB data more than one lakh children (1,11,569 in actual numbers) were reported to have gone missing till 2016, and 55,625 of them remained untraced till the end of the year. Even after having strict laws why are people not afraid of committing such heinous crimes? Possibly because they know that they are unlikely to be traced or punished.

A child is a child, and we need to safeguard each one

Many are raising the question as to why the case of the Kathua child that occurred last year was termed communally motivated, while this is not. It is important to note that any case is termed as a communal case when the motive for the crime is a dispute because of religion. The child in Kathua was brutally raped and murdered to spread fear among her community. According to the investigation, the Muslim shepherd community she belonged to, used the public and forest land in Jammu for grazing. This had brought them into conflict with the Hindu majority in the region.

In the Aligarh case, the motive for such a heinous crime was a money dispute, which the Aligarh police too have confirmed.

Even though one case was communally motivated and the other not, it still is a gross crime against humanity as a whole. We need to ask what dies inside a human that he commits such a barbaric crime. Children, the most vulnerable sections of our society, become easy targets for enmity or revenge. It is a shameful reflection of how we as a society have gone wrong.

Image via Pexels used for representational purposes only

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1 Comment

  1. Have been following quite a few of your articles.
    However, I feel disappointed that you call yourselves Women and represent the Truth economically.
    While discussing the sad Barbaric murder of the little girl Twinkle in Aligarh you express sympathy righteously and deliberately refrain from mentioning the community of the perpetrators of the heinous crime.
    And yet in the Kathua case you name the community and talk openly about the Muslim community from which this raped girl comes!
    Why this type of biased behaviour by women writers of Bharateeya origin towards people of the same country coming from different communities?
    What is behind the thinking of these great women writers?
    Why this very biased, blinkered,bigoted, skewed and twisted way of representing two equally horrific crimes committed against two little girls
    Two girls hailing from two different communities and the criminals also belong to two different communities.
    My open question to this forum of ‘educated and enlightenedwomen’ is :
    Is it fair and just to represent the two communities with different yard sticks?
    Waiting for replies.

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