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Modern (C)Age

Posted: April 10, 2019

Neha looked outside the window to feel that rush of cold wind with the rain splashes on her face. It was a soothing evening and she had just come back from her office. Relaxing on the couch, sipping her favourite ginger tea, she was planning for the festival on the weekend.

Her mother-in-law shouted from the kitchen, ”Neha! It would be great if you could help me make some snacks for the festivals.” Neha, who was sipping her tea and was lost in her thoughts, suddenly stood up on listening to her mother-in-law and kept the mug on the study table in her room with still half a cup of tea left in it. She ran to the kitchen and said, “Mom, please don’t worry about the dinner. I will do it. And I have finished my tea, let’s get started with the snacks.”

In about two hours, in the midst of sounds of raindrops on the kitchen window, the snacks were all done and packed. Neha’s mother-in-law asked, ”Neha! Take out some snacks on the plate and let’s make tea for Rohan and his father. The weather is very pleasant and they must be tired coming back from the office.” Neha in silence thought of what to make for dinner started doing what she was asked to do.

Snacks and tea were served to Rohan and his father and Neha again went back to the kitchen to prepare the dinner. She asked her mother-in-law to rest as she already helped Neha prepare the snacks for the festival. Listening to her favourite radio station she absorbed herself into cooking. The dinner was served on time and after cleaning all the utensils and kitchen, she made herself a cup of hot milk and again sat on the chair next to the window to feel that rush of wind and splash of rainwater, this time thinking about the presentation that she had to deliver on Monday morning in office.

Image via Pixabay

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