How I Discovered The Healing Power of Staying Positive And Happy

There is a healing power in positive thinking and being happy. Here's how you can be more optimistic and let your subconscious mind help you heal and enjoy life.

There is a healing power in positive thinking and being happy. Here’s how you can be more optimistic and let your subconscious mind help you heal and enjoy life.

For years I had believed in the principle that if I wanted something to happen to me, I had to believe in the opposite of that happening to me (although I strongly believed in karma). Thus, if I wished to come first in class, I worked hard a lot, but I also kept repeating to myself that I will fail to come first in class. That made me push myself harder and eventually, I stood first and became ecstatic.

This worked fine as a child but as I grew up, I realised that this way of negating my own worth each time was making me sulk over trifling problems of life. I always told myself that good things wouldn’t happen to me but there was also a continuing hidden desire that those good things should happen eventually. By doing so I kept myself in a negative state until I received my desired final outcome. Gradually, this thought process started consuming a big chunk of my thought process and psyche. A lot of the time, I found myself staying on the opposite end of the happiness spectrum, full of cynicism and self-doubt. Through self-introspection I realised that this was proving to be my biggest folly.

I had always believed that I was destiny’s favourite child and it had chosen to put me to severe tests because it believed in me. So in order to prove her correct, I started feeling happy about my situation and the moment I realised this, I began weaving a better world for myself.

For a certain period of time, I forced myself to be positive, look for the good in everyone and love everyone. I taught myself to overlook the negatives in others and invested this new-found happiness in all my relationships, no matter how small they were. I wanted to give back to the universe all the happiness and positivity inside me because I firmly believed that what goes around, also comes around.

I stayed away from negative people and when I met them I welcomed them with a smile and ended that part of my experience with the encounter there only. I say this with utmost belief and trust in myself that the eternal power of this positivity and happiness healed me of chronic wounds in my life. This state of joy and new zeal engulfed my being in a peaceful aura. The pursuit of happiness soon became a habit for me, a habit which now defines me as a person.

For years now, I have witnessed the power of this healing touch. I have learned to ignore the bad and absorb the good. I have embraced the idea of smiling forever and that has helped wash off the deepest sorrows of my heart. I have also decided to help people face their inner struggles. It has helped them overcome the crisis within themselves and the results have been heartwarming.

Practicing positivity is a significant step but not an easy one because of the human tendency of recoiling into the trap of negative thoughts. Trying to stay positive, not speak badly about anyone or stop complaining about people behind their back are difficult things to accomplish but required of us. Try to step into the other person’s shoes before outrightly rejecting his or her thoughts as malicious. Stay away from anger and ego, which are our greatest enemies.

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Think a little before you blurt out your thoughts and wait for the right moment to make your point so that it creates the maximum impact. Respect the values and relationships you cherish. Invest in your relationships for you will get what you give. Learn to love as much as you can, so that you are loved back in abundance. Life is short my friends, so make the most of it.

Smile your heart out like there is no tomorrow, you never know your smile can actually heal someone’s sorrows. All this isn’t just gyaan, all these are my learnings from the greatest teacher on this earth, known to us as Life. Stay positive and happy and let this healing power uplift your life.

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