Tips To Maintain Harmony In A Residential Society

Posted: March 19, 2019

When we stay in a residential complex, it is imperative to cooperate with others, help each other in times of need, maintain cordial relationships and care for others to live happily in a nice environment. Children and elders both should consider each other’s requirements and create enough space for each other. The following are the tips to maintain and enhance harmony in the apartment complex:

For children:

  • Children should be taught to play only in the play area.
  • No running or jumping in the staircase.
  • No bicycles and toys to be left in the common area.
  • Use lifts along with elders only.
  • Walk on the staircase without creating much noise with shoes or chappals.
  • No jumping inside the house or throwing things on the floor as it disturbs people living on the lower floors.
  • Play only in the evenings.
  • Avoid toys that create loud noise.
  • Leave footwear in its proper place


For grownups:

  • Don’t leave pets to roam around without supervision.
  • Water plants properly so that the water doesn’t overflow and make the floor slippery.
  • Create a proper channel for your AC let out.
  • After feeding your infants don’t throw the leftovers in the play area itself. Always use dustbins.
  • If you notice wastage of electricity or water, please bring it to the concerned persons notice.
  • Attend the association meeting regularly and help in maintaining the apartment complex clean and hygienic.

These simple yet effective tips will bring down the conflicts in your apartment complex. People also tend to follow others and following good practices will be trend setting.


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