Social Relationships And Success

Be grateful to have a bunch of positive, talented and hardworking people around you, and hold on to such people.

What is friendship in this social networked world? Friendship, in general, is the key determinant of a meaningful and purposeful life. Earlier, friendship was about a sense of security, understanding and mutual fondness. Look at the present, and try to fit in in the earlier context. Where does the term friendship fit in today’s world?

In this technologically driven, insanely connected world, friendship has transitioned to diverse outcomes. It still continues to influence one’s lifestyle, social activities, personal and professional domains of life to a greater extent. In the era of selfies, retail therapies and mutual beneficiaries, the millennial friendship leaves a claustrophobic effect in spite of strong connectivity and wonderful interactions.

It is unsettling to see that, two people who claim to be close with each other are less likely to support each other during emotional distress, in the present scenario. Sometimes due to the extreme social media pressure or due to the need to be the “nicer one “in the mutual friendship group or the fear of being judged by the social media friends, people tend to extend support that is quite shallow during tough times.

Now addressing the art of learning about social gravity and its effects on our growth. There are people who have an innate sense of desire to pull others down. They demotivate and create difficult circumstances, constantly. Letting go of people who play the victim card, the ones who create a lingering sense of guilt and who do not establish equality in a relationship, helps you to maintain your sanity and move forward to conquer your goals.

Do not waste time and effort on fighting mediocrity and the people who get disturbed when you don’t choose to travel with them. Their destination may even not be on the list of your favourite places. Hence it is completely fine to agree to disagree and distance gracefully rather than investing your time in such relationships. Just like earth’s gravity, as you keep climbing up, you will see less of these people and they vanish from your vicinity eventually.

The only way to win toxicity is not to play along. Time spent on justifying and speaking with negative people exhausts one’s energy. Besides that, hearing too many updates about another person’s routine, as in what they ate, where they shop, how they travel, can create an imbalance in your personal life. Be it good or bad, anything that is been overwhelmingly thrust on you can never be a fun element in a friendship or relationship.

It’s better to hold on to people who are empathetic, real and enthusiastic about simple things in life rather than those who stick together for popularity or purpose. If you have clarity on the social relationships, it helps you to focus on the quality time you spend with friends irrespective of their perspectives about your life and their opinions about things related to you.

In a world that is crazily driven by social media, it is quite possible to be bogged down and pulled down to nonentity consciously or unconsciously. De-cluttering our friendship list helps in these cases. You get fruitful and soulful results in engaging with the right set of people who willingly improve the quality of your life.

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Be grateful to have a bunch of positive, talented and hardworking people around you, and hold on to such people. Invest time into meaningful relationships and treat people the way you want to be treated. The connectivity, technology and the friendship that happens through them can be rewarding and soul-satisfying.


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