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The Perfectly Imperfect Woman

Women are bestowed with unique qualities and each one of them is special. Let us embrace our imperfections and be what we want to be.

Women are bestowed with unique qualities and each one of them is special. Let us embrace our imperfections and be what we want to be.

I don’t want to fight for my gender equality. I don’t want to be compared with other women, let alone men. Comparison leads to competition. I’m not interested in competing. I don’t want to run any race. In fact, I strive to bring a better me each day.

Eventually, I focus to bring out the best of myself. I am my own exemplar. I admire myself for what I have become and where I have reached. I strive hard to rise up and reach my dreams. I am a proud imperfectly perfect woman.

In my opinion, women are different from men. There is no need to be equated because women are way more powerful than men. I read a message somewhere that said, “Don’t praise a woman for her sacrifices as a mother or for being a good daughter or a sister or for that matter a wife and even an entrepreneur. Instead, reduce her burden.” I completely agree.

I feel, women have been bestowed with all good qualities that makes them good mothers, daughters, sisters, wives , entrepreneurs. Women do not need any praises. We would appreciate people who own their responsibilities as an independent human being should and respect people for what they are irrespective of baggages.

Women can be independent, carefree , liberal, happy, resilient. They can take care of family, loved ones and still find time for themselves. Women do not have to learn to be graceful, thoughtful and perseverant. As I said, they already have it in them.

Some are blessed with good genes, fashion sense and affordability to indulge in fashion trends. Some are born with imperfections and have to strive hard to reach their dreams. Beauty lies in our comfort. The more gracefully we carry ourselves, the more beautiful we look. Most importantly, as the saying goes “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

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