Simple Tips For Effective Cellphone Communication

Communication through cell phones is dependent on a number of factors. Read to know all of these and how you can communicate better.

Communication is the key to convey messages. It is essential for the completion of work and maintaining healthy relationships. There are many ways to communicate, but to get 100% results out of your communication, you must be clear, precise and exact. If it is made in a written format like letters or e-mails chances of misunderstanding is less, whereas if it is made orally through cell phones the chances of a good outcome are negligible when compared to text messages. A few cautious and careful steps will help to bring down the errors.

  • Don’t talk when there is no clear signal or tower or voice break up.
  • Check the battery of the cellphone and adequately charge it. Recharge it often to maintain sufficient battery supply for even long conversations.
  • Never discuss or give data in crowded places where ambient noise is high. The numbers may not be heard well and lead to confusion.
  • When you receive a call, make it a habit to move away from the TV or the music system.
  • Ensure the information is correct, then pass it on to others. Frequent changes in the information or recurring calls often lead to confusions
  • If it is an important call it is better to avoid using speaker mode. On this mode, there is less clarity and the message can be heard by all.
  • When the message is not heard properly, don’t shout. It is of no use. Rather it is better to make a fresh call and talk later.
  • Make sure not to attend to make calls while driving.
  • In the text messages make sure to use abbreviations only when the other person is well aware of it.
  • Be prepared to pay your bills on time to avoid disruption in the connectivity.
  • Don’t simply talk & end the call. Make sure the other person has received the message properly and understood what you said. If not, repeat it.

These simple tips can really increase the efficacy of your communication. Try implementing these and see the difference.


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