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Life From The Bird’s Eye

Posted: March 11, 2019

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

In this world we come, to see our parents’ twinkling eyes;

They hold us tight and love us right, to make us all well and wise.

The first crawl, the first stand, the first run and the first fall;

Our sweet smile, our loud cries, makes everything around us stall.


The excitement of running to school for the first time;

The fun of having best friends to fight and play all the time.

The first crush, the first love and the first rose for the special one;

The first no, the first heart break and then the repeated sessions of sad songs.


The hard work in school and then in college, to excel in life’s unseen battle;

The pride to have the first offer, “Mom-Dad, I’ve done it.” Waving it like a rattle.

The first day at work, and the huge shopping before that;

The first salary, the first award at work and the first appraisal.


Yet another time the heart falling for one and this time I know it’s a budding love;

Hand in hand, theatres, movies, eateries and gardens- like the lovely two little doves.

The most important day to celebrate, the day when the two souls met to be one;

Begins the journey of life with flavours of love, responsibility, and a lot of fun.


The late hours slogging, the overflowing work, no time for party, no time for fun;

One day to realize, it’s time for the little one to come, the heart wonders if its a daughter or a son?

Tired and exhausted with work, life’s trigger lies only in the little one’s smile;

Struggle is on, to make the future bright for the little one to shine.


One day to see the little one is a self-made and successful soul;

Having a new found world with dreams and sensibly defined goals.

Eyes filled with pride and heart in peace, I declare that’s my beautiful life’s fruit;

Taking with it, my values and ethics to live and play life’s beautiful flute.


Content with life’s offerings, holding hands and finding solace in each other’s lap;

We close our eyes to embrace the other world and take a long, rather longest nap.

That’s the cycle of life, the beautiful life, the gift from the Goddess herself;

Live it, Love it, Laugh it, Play it, Sing it, Dance it…… Coz you are priceless yourself.


Image via Pixabay


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