Being A Woman Of Substance

The ability of a woman to keep herself mentally happy in the midst of the chaos that life throws at her is being a woman of substance.

Being a woman in itself is a feeling of completeness. A woman plays multiple roles in the form of various relationships in different phases of life. In these roles, we are omnipresent in the minds and hearts of those who value us in the roles we play. Being able to be born on this Earth as a woman is in itself a boon and being able to justify the purpose we are here for, would make our existence even more worthwhile.

It would be a great feeling to be able to choose what we want to do as women. Being a woman of substance does not always mean to be a woman with a successful career, having a high position in a Corporate or having a presence which the world can feel and see.

For me, being a woman of substance would mean being able to live my life in my own terms. Being able to do what my heart desires. Being true to myself and true to others who value me. Being able to respect others equally. Being responsible enough for your own thoughts and actions. Being non-judgemental about others because they think, do or say something which you do not approve of. Being empathetic towards others. Being a good listener. Being a good adviser.

Among all other important roles that a woman plays, I feel the most important one is the role of a mother. Women naturally have the power or should I say the feeling of motherhood. A mother means a source that introduces a life to this world and nurtures it in every possible way, in every possible occasion. It is needless to discuss the role of a mother. What is important today is to understand the importance and significance of a woman by a woman herself.

The need of the hour is to understand your own worth and feeling that within ourselves. A mother’s main intention undoubtedly is to provide a healthy lifestyle for her child. But it is primarily important for us as women to understand the importance of practising healthy lifestyle ourselves. And with a healthy lifestyle, it just doesn’t stop at your physical health, it definitely includes your mental health too.  A mentally healthy mother would undoubtedly make a mentally healthy child who would grow to become a mentally healthy adult in future.

Mental happiness is a process. It can be acquired with time. It happens with time. Mental happiness is never assured. We may have to work towards achieving it. That ability of a woman to keep herself mentally happy in the midst of the chaos that life throws at her is being a woman of substance. Again a healthy mental state is not something that only a mother should strive for, it should rather be the state of every mind. A mentally healthy woman is a woman of substance to me.

We have had enough discussions about who is better men or women. We have derived numerous equations on how women were deprived of her rights and suppressed in the past and even now in some cases. We have seen false cases against men where they were victims of cruelty by women. We can always keep arguing about the about the inferiority or superiority of one gender over the other. But according to me what matters is, to be able to respect both genders equally without being biased.

In any given situation, being able to stand up for the right, even if it involves a disagreement with your loved ones. This does not need you to be in any public forum or any corporate organisation to practice it. This needs to be your belief and you should live by this as an employer or as a common citizen going out for shopping or as a homemaker who is one of the pillars of a family. A neutral approach to life and all genders, in general, is what makes you a woman of substance.

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We cheer for feminism. We call ourselves feminists. But to know the actual meaning of feminism and to respect feminism is real sense is what makes us a woman of substance.

Being a woman of positive influence is what makes us a woman of substance. A positive influence to the person who helps you in your household chores; a positive influence to your husband, child or any family member; a positive influence to your team, a positive influence for your friends, a positive influence for yourself. Being able to be of meaning to everyone, being of help to everyone, being nice to everyone is being a woman of substance.

Being a woman of substance is the best gift you can give yourself. Being able to wear a smile which melts those tension lines from your forehead is the best look you should carry always.

Be a woman of substance and be proud of being a woman.

Smile, Sparkle and Shine.


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