How Loneliness Can Leave Behind ‘A Dancing You’ Instead Of ‘An Angry You’

Every feeling has a lasting time and leaves behind an impact that plays a significant role. Some leave behind a  ‘dancing you’  and some an ‘angry you’.

This is not a mere story. Neither a mere article on this platform. This is something above them all. An insight into her approach towards life. This own-cultivated attitude let her saw the brighter side of life.

And this bird never had to look back ever since. She flew and flew. More like a mighty river creating a  huge reservoir of water after getting harnessed by canals and dams. Guys! Welcome to my another content- piece!

Very first of all!

Feeling lonely does not mean you are suffering from anxiety or depression. It is just another feeling like how we experience feelings like happiness, joy and gratitude. It is completely alright to feel low. As humans, we have the right to experience all the emotions.

Correct me if I am wrong! But every feeling has a lasting time and leaves behind an impact that plays a significant role. Some leave behind a  ‘dancing you’  and some an ‘angry you’.

Unless and until a feeling does not create a negative effect on you…relax.. this too shall pass!

If it is creating a negative effect, that will also pass but after breaking the glass! And there is no way in to assemble those broken panes of glass.

I approached her one day and asked what should I do to master those impacts? How can…

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She interrupted me in between,” Will you stop eating food if you want to lose your weight?”

I replied in negative.

“Similarly, you cannot  stop your mind  getting enticed to the pessimism of the world but you can definitely minimize it.” She then explained to me her own modus operandi.

So ladies!  Let us have a look at the seven Mantras that would make us fall in love with ourselves and I promise you would become a pioneer in overcoming this feeling of loneliness in no time

Realising Everything Comes With An Expiry Date
It embarks a feeling of settlement! Nothing is constant! And we somehow start accepting that sorrow shall not last forever (which is more important than accepting the abridgement of happiness).

Plan Your Week! And Watch How Your Progress Towards Your Goals
Attainment! Yes! I feel I have attained something when I go through my yesterday’s chores and I don’t need any certificate of achievement from anyone else for that.

Kiss The Nature With A Solo Trip
There is nothing more desirable than this. Trust me! Pack your bag and take a break from your responsibilities for two days. Yes! It requires guts and this is the thing which I want you to feel for yourself.

Have Gratitude And Write Positive Affirmations Daily
Ever heard of Rhonda Byrne? Use Google Baba and you will thank me for this.

Pursuing A Hobby Is Like Meditation
You read it right! If your mind, body and soul get directed towards the hobby you are pursuing; when you are unable to hear anything while dancing; if you forget food while painting; you are actually practising meditation. And I need not summarize, here, the benefits of this priceless practice.

Get Engaged With A Beautiful Book Or A Documentary
Two books changed my life! The first book directed a big foodie towards the path of holistic eating and the second one took her out of the virtual world. I can be wrong, she can be wrong but Mr Kalam cannot be.

Pamper Yourself
Go for salon service, feel confident and party with your friends. Though you don’t need anyone to cheer you up. Spread happiness and you will get back in abundance!

Guys this life is ours!

We are its architect!

The key to this lock is with us only!

We just need to realize it and she did it.


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