And Dates Have Arrived For Dates!

It is not just a fruit but a nutrient-packed superfood! Follow our 30 days, 5 dates-a-day routine and you will notice a change in yourself.

It is not just a fruit but a nutrient-packed superfood! You take five of these on a daily basis and I will give you five more reasons to continue eating them. Moreover, if you haven’t devoured them in this season of winters; you definitely need to read this article.

Add them to your cereal bowl or eat them as dried fruits, you simply can’t resist their taste! These wrinkled skin fruits vary from bright red to bright yellow in colour. Grown on Date Palm trees in clusters under the tree’s fronds, they can easily be found in the Middle East.

Follow our 30 days, 5 dates-a-day routine and you will notice a change in yourself.

But how can I say this so convincingly?

Because I came across Sarika one day!

Sarika is a Bangalore-based software engineer, working in Oracle, and was expecting a baby in 5 months. I met her at the airport while taking a flight to New Delhi. She was carrying a big bag of dates and I, being inquisitive about food, asked her the reason. She brightly patted her baby bump and said, “for us”. The mother, later, gave birth to a daughter with negligible labour pain, that too naturally.

Since then I had been continuously doing research on this magnificent food item and now, sharing some of its advantages with you.

1. Improved Digestive Health

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Constipation sufferers! Are you listening?

100 g serving of Dates provides you with 7 gram of dietary fibre which improves the stool frequency.

For the same reason, they have a low GI( glycemic index) which makes you feel ‘full’ for a longer period of time.

2. Full of antioxidants

They contain three most potent antioxidants:

  • FLAVONOIDS: reduce the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease
  • CAROTENOIDS: promotes heart health and reduces the risk of macular degeneration, an eye-related disorder
  • PHENOLIC ACID: Phenolic acid may help lower the risk of cancer because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Brain Health – at its best!

This super healthy food item consists of Vitamin B6 which helps in the manufacturing of neurotransmitters! Vitamin B6 also helps in increasing the metabolic rate.

4. Dates say, “I am the boss in sweetening your food naturally!”

Dates are an excellent healthy substitute for sugar. Make a pulp of dates and replace it with white sugar in similar quantity. But how?

2 cups dates + 2 cups water for overnight.
Take the dates out of the mixture and Blend.
Keep on adding soaking water to the puree until the paste becomes thick.
You can use this paste for around 15 days.

5. May induce natural childbirth

Studies have shown that taking dates during pregnancy, after the placenta is born, reduces the labour pain and has the potential to promote natural childbirth.

And this is the reason because of which I thought of writing an article on childbirth.

These rationales were enough for me to incorporate them into my daily routine. And I started with 5 dates daily. It has been 15 days now I feel lower stress and anxiety than before. (Though it is negligible in my case since I have always been The BigBreakfast Blogger Girl!)

Do share your views and benefits you are observing in your health, after taking them on a daily basis, in the comments section. But remember! It should be around 5 in quantity. Not more than that! Since they contain high levels of sugar and are loaded with calories, diabetic patients are advised to take 3-4 dates daily.


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