Smriti Wadhwa

A software engineer by degree and a writer by choice, Greetings from my side! i realized my passion for writing when i switched my job. Gratitude to the people who helped me in moving forward. I like to write about women welfare, health, mindfulness and yoga. An ardent follower of law of attraction,I believe if passion becomes your profession,sky is the limit.

Voice of Smriti Wadhwa

9-6 Job? Healthy Snacks To Munch On!

Calories we consume from processed food items can make us pile on kilos in the canned space of the office. Snack healthy to manage your weight.

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How Loneliness Can Leave Behind ‘A Dancing You’ Instead Of ‘An Angry You’

Every feeling has a lasting time and leaves behind an impact that plays a significant role. Some leave behind a  ‘dancing you’  and some an ‘angry you’.

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And Dates Have Arrived For Dates!

It is not just a fruit but a nutrient-packed superfood! Follow our 30 days, 5 dates-a-day routine and you will notice a change in yourself.

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Flush The Acid Reflux

Often experiencing Dry cough or Chest pain? Sore throat or Bad breath? Constipation or Indigestion? You immediately need to get it checked by the doctor

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