An Untold Story

Will changing your attire change the mentality of the society?

She stepped out for her college one good day,
As usual, dressed discreetly, all covered from top to toe..
Because even the slightest nudity could mean that she is flaunting it..
Not just flaunting, but could give those ‘hungry people’ a hint of WANTING It.
And she, like every other Damn normal girl, could not take that risk.
So she wore Indian, followed the societal ethics.

Yet, on her way to college she was CATCALLED..
Hey! sexy chick! Come on! let’s go behind the wall.
Her blood boil and curdled with rage..her fist closed,
And there you go.. A tight punch with some blood around his nose..
But wait! for the story is not over yet. She shouldn’t have questioned a MAN’S VIRILITY..
She was thrown down, where her dignity sank…sank lower than the ground…
She was scared stiff, her blood running cold, she cried, No! My dignity I withhold.
She pushed him away somehow and ran..ran like a bat out of hell..

Terrified she was completely, shivering like a leaf,
Yet, she took a shower and quietly went to sleep.
She tossed and turned whole night but she couldn’t sleep a wink. Oh! How could she?
For though she has been catcalled before a million number of times..
Still she is not accustomed to those creepy lines.
Her blood still boils up when she is scanned from top to toe with evil eyes..
She is even rated by some on the scale of 10 and 9!.

Surprisingly! She went from playing with her toys to being a toy herself..

she lives a life of both a dumb and a deaf.

But this is not what she deserves..
She like every other damn human being deserves those rights.
Right to live with dignity and Pride..
And that freedom to dress for herself and as per her choice..
And those hungry eyes should not mistake it for flaunting it.

For yes, she is not a toy to be played with..
and not even a fascinating artefact to stare at..


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