Don’t Be ‘Judge-Mental’

Perfection is a myth and there is no such thing as a 'perfect mom'. Stop judging moms. Period. The author pens a heartfelt poem.


Perfection is a myth and there is no such thing as a ‘perfect mom’. Stop judging moms. Period. The author pens a heartfelt poem.


I am baffled by the labels put on me,

Mommies shaming mommies,

Strangers rolling their eyes on me,

Yes, my little one threw himself on the floor,

For the fancy car he saw at the toy store,

Which his mommy denied buying it for him,

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And his reaction was obvious because he has a mind of six.


But, Oh!  My friend, in a fraction of second you judged me for my parenting style,

Because you think I can’t handle him right.

You judge me on how I feed him,

and you judged me when I didn’t breastfeed him,

He is thin and skinny because that’s how his genes are

And not because his mommy didn’t follow the right diet chart.


Yes, today he was not well dressed and its not because his mommy wears a carefree hat,

It’s because there are other thousand things running in her head.

This evening you saw him struggling, falling, making his way in the park,

Not because his mommy was busy gossiping but, only because she let him make mistakes.

After all that’s how they will learn, grow and cherish their life’s best part.


She is a mommy, a wife, an entrepreneur, a friend,

everything under this sun one possibly be can,

She can be lazy at times,

she can be an over enthusiastic kid sometimes,

One day she can be a helicopter parent,

the other day you may find her sailing in the free range,

Because its parenting after all, not a rule book that you can mug up all,

There are hundred decisions she take in a day,

So, what if her parenting style doesn’t go your way.


Pull her when she falls,

Help her with her flaws

Or just let her be one in the crowd

Do it all but don’t judge her at all.


Image Source: Mansi Sharma Mittal

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