And The Baby Birdie Learnt To Fly!

A cute poem which draws on the analogy of a bird to convey a mother's love for her child. A mother only has her child's interest at heart.

A cute poem which draws on the analogy of a bird to convey a mother’s love for her child. A mother only has her child’s interest at heart.


Once there lived a mumma birdie and a papa birdie,

in a tiny nest on a mango tree.

They dreamt to weave the best nest,

the nest that would withstand wildest storm or tempest.

In their tiny beaks, they picked pebbles and grains;

pebble by pebble, grain by grain.

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Nicely weaved the twigs and sticks;

to hold the tiny pebbles and grains.


When their dream nest was ready to live;

they welcomed their little baby with all the love they could give.

Little baby birdie enjoyed being in the strongest nest,

it protected the birdie from rains wildest.

Mumma birdie and papa birdie flew everyday to the far away skies,

only to get the best grains which their little birdie likes.

The happy birdie family would fly to southern skies;

go on holidays and eat best grains and rice.


Once the little birdie fell a bit ill and a doctor birdie advised

It needed a lot of care and eating only chosen grains and no spice.

Mumma birdie had to be in the nest to take care of her little one;

only papa birdie flew to get their daily food and other errands.

Soon the baby birdie was up and flying high;

it made the elder birdies swell with pride.

Baby birdie was growing up fast and mumma birdie wondered;

how will baby birdie find its food if she ever somewhere wandered?


She started teaching the baby how to fend her food;

All these lessons spoiled the baby birdie’s mood.

Slowly the baby birdie felt that mumma birdie only gave her lessons,

no frolic, no dances, no movies, no fun.

One day baby birdie asked her mumma birdie,

if she even loved her baby anymore?

Mumma birdie was saddened but replied with a just a smile that she wore.

In her hearts of hearts she knew she was right,

but the baby birdie couldn’t understand her plight.


Baby hated mumma birdie as she never played with her,

it never occurred to her that mumma birdie had many things to take care.

Soon baby birdie learnt to find food on its own,

it gave her joy aplenty and amazing freedom.

Now she could enjoy the vast skies without any fear of hunger,

Did her mother really hate her, it now made her wonder.

Mumma birdie may not have played with her,

but always prayed for her.

The food lessons made the baby cry,

but that surely taught her how to fly.

Baby birdie today felt totally blessed,

Mumma birdie had made her very strong,

stronger than their brick and mortar nest.

Image Source: Pexels

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