When I Could ‘Stand And Stare’ On A Rainy Day

The author revels in the beautiful surroundings on a rainy day and feels a sense of contentment even in these idle moments of joy.

The author revels in the beautiful surroundings on a rainy day and feels a sense of contentment even in these idle moments of joy.

Today’s morning walk was one that I truly enjoyed. I felt close to nature. The sky was overcast with dark cumulonimbus clouds laden with moisture, threatening to open up any minute. I could see that parents were anxious to drop their children at school before the heavy downpour.

Office goers were also rushing to reach their workplace on time.

I was the only lucky passive observer, walking at my own pace, without a worry in the world or anxiety to reach my workplace, taking in all the happenings around me.

Just as I was in my last lap, a steady drizzle started, indicating that it was time I headed home.

The moment I reached home, the drizzle had become a steady downpour. I just stood enjoying the rain from my balcony, wondering how many were as lucky as me to enjoy this beautiful moment. I could see a grandfather holding an umbrella for his granddaughter going to school. He didn’t mind getting wet as he had tilted the umbrella towards the child so that she wouldn’t get wet. Such love and tenderness!

Life seems beautiful! I found myself busy observing the cats and sparrows in our society. Watching a cat is a great stress buster. Its carefully calculated movements is a delight to watch. The other day, as I was sitting in my jhoola sipping my coffee, I heard the squeak of parrots. Try as I may, I just couldn’t find them. I was sure they were around and looking around carefully I finally noticed not one but nearly a dozen parrots right in front of me in the Badam tree. They were so well camouflaged!

While I observed the sparrows, I felt they could easily put a trained fighter pilot to shame with their great maneuvering abilities. Two of them would fly down from the terrace together and the minute they used to be close to ground zero, they used to part in different directions beautifully. What a sight to behold!

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I think living life in an unhurried way and at one’s own pace is a luxury few can afford. We don’t realize its value when we have it, we tend to look at people hurrying by and wish we were hurrying up too, to God only knows where?

My life at present, may seem aimless and one which people may feel is a waste of time. One would feel that I should utilize my time judiciously and give more work to my idle brain.

But, I feel a sense of contentment in the present moment. I do not wish for anything else, am not in a hurry to get into the job routine and just want to enjoy the present.

Image: Pixabay

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