Stop Judging Us …

Posted: November 20, 2018

A thought provoking poem which beseeches the society to not judge women and let them live life on their own terms.

The beach was lively, but her soul was dead
As she walked on the sand, hearing words unsaid,
With tears unshed , on the path untread
‘Coz she was a woman who was unwed !

She struggled her way, through the icy cold wind,
She dint mind, it piercing her rind,
As much as , the boneless tongues did
‘Coz she was a woman with no kid !

‘Twas the month , of Joy and Jingle,
Lights and stars , brought a tingle,
But she was alone, no one would mingle
‘Coz she was a mother who was single !

It’s her life, she chose to dare,
But the world , would just not bear,
The glare and stare, too much I swear
Life for a woman, is so unfair !

Let her live, set her free
Don’t ever judge, or make her guilty,
‘Coz You don’t know
What it takes a Woman to be !

Image Source: Pexels

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