The Magical Power Of Positivity

The author talks about the life-changing effects of positive affirmations and why everyone should bring in positivity to lead a happier life.

The author talks about the life-changing effects of positive affirmations and why everyone should bring in positivity to lead a happier life.

What started as a mode of self challenge to achieve the unattainable a few years back- it led to achieving much more beyond the goal and has converted me into a self proclaimed loyalist of this amazing gift from the universe.

The hype is everywhere about the Power of Positivity- from authors to celebrities, on social media handles to daily news papers. There are workshops, events , seminars, courses at national and international level to make us all a part of this fabulous concept.

While some may laugh it off as an idiosyncrasy, some may raise eyebrows at its logicality, some may embrace it without inhibitions and some may choose to remain ignorant about it.

Well , frankly speaking, the magical power in question does not lie in something as abstract as positivity. In fact, it is hidden in YOU- your thoughts, ideas and beliefs ! And NO – you definitely need not enroll in any of the exorbitantly charged courses or workshops to let someone else rediscover the magic in you.

Well, its not at all rocket science. In fact, its easier than a child’s play. A mere exercise to be followed in your every day life just to take the charge of your life in your own hands. Squeeze in some time, to channelize your energies and generate positive thoughts, in between your busy routine schedules, gym visits, parlour sessions , shopping sprees, etc, . Interestingly, it is free of cost and all it demands is just your time and your mind.
Before you start your journey towards positivity, you need to remember a few things:

1) Be grateful for everything that you have- gratitude attracts abundance.You are bound to receive more than you ask.
2) Stop complaining – Negative vibes alert !
3) Don’t just think happy thoughts, feeling happy is equally important.
4) Spend your time in mindful activities.
5) Disconnect from negative source- people, places or things.
6) It’s important to work upon your goals, ideas, plans and programs as well, along with firmly believing in positive affirmations to produce successful results.
7) Visualize your thoughts.
8) Keep your mind free of clutter.
9) Keep a smile on your face – however hard it maybe – repels negativity kilometres away !
10) Be focussed. Stay strong . Remember good things take time.

With these points in mind, lets talk briefly about ‘Positive Affirmations’ and their benefits:

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What  are positive affirmations?
Use of Positive words or thoughts to create or eliminate something from your life.

Why should we use Positive affirmations?
– A human brain generates 70,000 thoughts in a day – mix of both positive and negative.
– Knowingly or unknowingly, we use affirmations every moment.
– Happy thoughts attract happiness ,sad thoughts attract depression, anger attracts aggression, worrisome thoughts invite fear and anxiety, etc.
– Its our duty to accept or reject these thoughts wisely.
– Our beliefs and ideologies are the results of our habitual thought processes.
– Retraining the thoughts can create positive experiences and encouraging results.

How to use Positive affirmations?
-Write down your goals and create positive affirmations according to your expectations.
It can be as follows:
* Everything will be OK
* I choose to think only positive
* Today is going to be an amazing day
* I am the best and I am proud of myself
* I am the creator and controller of my happiness
* I am free to make my own choices
* I am the in-charge of my life
* I love myself the way I am
* All my problems have solutions
* I am fit and healthy
* I am attracting more wealth into my life
* I am becoming more beautiful and prettier with each passing day
* I am achieving the ideal body
* I have obtained my dream job

-Avoid using negative words or ideas .
-Repeat and follow these affirmations from the moment you open your eyes till the moment you sleep.
-Use them when you proceed to face challenges or when you feel let down in life.

When to use positive affirmations?
– Absolutely anyone can use whenever they feel the need for some positive spark to reignite their lives.
– Can be used to gain happiness or to lose weight, to attract new job or to repel unwanted stress, to create more wealth or to beat depression, to succeed in a relationship or to walk away from anxiety.

Benefits of Positive affirmations:
1) It opens up new horizons- new ideas, new thought processes, new dreams.
2) Gives you the power to choose your thoughts and life decisions.
3)Makes you self aware- You become in-charge of your life.
4) Helps to get rid of doubts/ Insecurities.
5) Ability to identify your strengths / weaknesses and work upon them.

I suggest every one to try once and there will be no looking back ever. Don’t miss out on your magical potential to create your own fairy tale.

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