7 Instances When Shabana Azmi Spoke Up For Women’s Rights And Slammed Misogyny

On this special occasion of Shabana Azmi's 68th birthday, we look back at the many standout moments when she stood her ground in strong support of women.  

On this special occasion of Shabana Azmi’s 68th birthday, we look back at the many standout moments when she stood her ground in strong support of women.  

Many actresses these days talk about women empowerment but none like the legendary Shabana Azmi. She has been an activist and women’s rights ambassador since before a time when feminism became a buzzword. Being a well known celebrity, she often uses her fame to make strong points in society regarding gender bias, equality and women’s social and economic empowerment. 

Here are few of her tweets and videos that show her speaking up when it comes to women’s issues. Happy Birthday to this inspiring actor and activist!


Nida, a victim of triple talaq had accused her husband’s family members for causing her plight. She was ridiculed by a Maulana. Shabana Azmi couldn’t stay quiet against such injustice towards a woman. Here is what she tweeted.  


And Still I Rise

In a video by The Creative Services Support Group (CSSG) called ‘And Still I Rise’, Shabana Azmi with the support of many other actresses, helped in making the voices of young marginalised women reach out to people.  

What’s happening to this world?

Aggravated by the many brutal crimes against women becoming commonplace, this is what Shabana Azmi tweeted regarding the issue of Mandsaur gangrape.

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Self defense for women is a must

Shabana Azmi never lets go any opportunity to support other women. With increasing crimes against women in the country, she is well aware of the importance of self defense for women. Here is her tweet in support of the same.

Do item songs really have to be this way?

Shabana Azmi has often spoken up against the objectification of women and the role of cinema in how men perceive women. Here is one such interview with Women’s Web in which she looked at how cinema impacts the minds of viewers. 

The ruling ladies of Bollywood

Shabana Azmi is very happy with recent developments in Bollywood especially pertaining to women. As more and more women-centric films are finding success at the box office, here is Shabana’s tweet expressing her happiness with all the leading ladies of the Hindi film industry.

All that women need is opportunity

In an inspiring speech at a conference in Mumbai, Shabana Azmi spoke about the importance of education in a girl’s life. She also spoke about how they are being given opportunities now and how they are proving their equality.

Be it encouraging women’s education, supporting female actors or speaking up about crimes against women, Shabana Azmi is always upfront when it comes to women’s issues. Her outspoken nature and commitment to women’s progress is a book others can take a leaf from!


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