Deepika Padukone’s Warm & Fuzzy Insta Post On Sister Anisha Gave Us All Sisterhood Goals!

Deepika Padukone couldn't accept her younger sister Anisha being called 'the other Padukone'. She took to social media to stand up for her younger sister.   

Deepika Padukone couldn’t accept her younger sister Anisha being called ‘the other Padukone’. She took to social media to stand up for her younger sister.   

Sisters are always like two faces of the same coin. They are different, yet very closely attached to each other. The bond they share is so special that for most lucky folks with a sister, they already have a best friend for life.

So, for many people like you and me, the relationship with sisters goes like this – we fight like cats and dogs for the simplest of things, and argue for everything possible. But at the end of the day she’s the one we confide in about all our joys and sorrows. It’s she who safely protects our secrets and knows us better than what we ourselves do.

But how about star kids? Or celebrity children? Maybe the burden of name, fame and time constraints change the dynamics of sibling relationships?

Definitely not!

A recent Instagram post by Deepika Padukone about her younger sister Anisha Padukone proved that celebrities are no different from any of us in showing their love, fondness for family and siblings.

Being the daughter of badminton star Prakash Padukone and younger sister of one of Bollywood’s most popular actors today, Anisha Padukone often gets sidelined. A tabloid recently had a headline for her interview which read ‘the other Padukone’.

This is what instigated a proud elder sister Deepika to put up an Instagram post with an image of the article where she wrote not ‘other’ Padukone but ‘The’ Padukone.

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Anisha Padukone has made a name for herself in the field of golf. Along with that, she is also managing The Live Love Laugh Foundation for mental health awareness and support started by Deepika. In spite of all her hard work and achievements, the recognition she gets is mostly from her identity of being Deepika’s younger sister.

In one of her interviews Anisha has mentioned the pressure of being a Padukone sister, and the burden of the surname as people would expect a lot from her. Don’t you think its a natural tendency in younger siblings to feel insecure when they have an overachieving elder sister?

But that’s not the case with Deepika and Anisha. With all those notions its kinda surprising to see the strong bond that these two sisters share. They are always there for each other. We get to see a glimpse of the same in Deepika’s social media feeds as she quiet often posts pictures with her sister having loads of fun. A lot of sister bonding was also seen when these two came as guests for Neha Dhupia’s recent show BFF (Best Friends Forever).

They are true BFFs indeed!

Deepika’s love for Anisha is overwhelmingly warm. She is well aware of her sister’s capabilities and is proud of all her achievements. Maybe it’s this love, confidence, understanding and importance that didn’t let Anisha have self doubts which in return kept their relationship intact.

Who wouldn’t want such a sensitive and protective elder sister like Deepika? There is no doubt, Anisha and Deepika are setting sister goals a bit too high for all of us. Time to achieve it, girls!


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