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Kajol’s New Movie, Helicopter Eela Is Bollywood’s Take On Single Mothers In India

The trailer of Kajol's new film 'Helicopter Eela' was released recently. Its an emotional journey of a single mother and her son. 

The trailer of Kajol’s new film Helicopter Eela was released recently. It seems to be an emotional journey of a single mother and her son. 

India is a country where marital status defines the worthiness of a woman. She will be called ‘too ambitious’, if she prioritises her career over marriage and family. If in case a woman chooses to be a single mother, then the challenges she would face are innumerable.

With the recently released movie trailer of Helicopter Eela, starring Kajol and National Award Winning Actor Riddhi Sen as her son, Bollywood is all set to throw some light on the issues of single parenting in India.

Not many would have fitted well to be an over enthusiastic and highly energetic mother like Eela than Kajol herself. Her behavior and interaction with fellow college students in the trailer, celebrates the natural bubbly person that she is. And the equally disapproving, annoyed look by her son who is also a student from the same class at the same college assures the high level of drama that audience can expect from the film.

Also, Eela’s strength of character is equally impressive as she is daring enough and has the guts to go to college and complete her education with her son after 20 years.   

The trailer itself has spoke a lot about one of the major problems that every mother-son relationship faces – its pampering to a dangerous extent and reaching heights of over protectiveness. Children are bound to get frustrated by their mothers’ excessive involvement and invasion of their personal space, as they grow up.

Apart from being a single mother, Eela is an aspiring singer. But eventually her son becomes the center of her universe. It’s the rediscovery of herself and learning to let her son be that forms the crux of the movie.

It’s great to see more movies like Helicopter Eela taking on such subjects – now, we’ll wait to watch if the movie does justice to the theme!

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