The Balancing Act Is Tough: Be A Little Kinder To Each Other

Posted: April 1, 2018

What is a balancing act? It is an action or activity that requires a delicate balance – and kindness from all of us too!

In real life, a balancing act requires much more than a delicate balance, it requires well-thought-out decisions which can consume a lot of peaceful nights, thus rendering sleepy mornings. I am a working proud mother of an energetic, smart and extremely empathetic toddler. And I am also a hardworking, competitive professional who loves her work and lights up in the face of challenges…but let me be honest, it is not easy to balance both my credentials.

While I strive never to miss my little T’s milestones, I also never miss my deadlines! But this does take a toll. As women all over we are told, we can achieve everything, and it is true, we can achieve everything, but no one prepares us for the heartaches and headaches!

Life becomes much simpler when peers, colleagues and families are aware of the situation or at least make an effort to be aware and try to hear you out. While the world is talking about mental health and gender stereotypes, how many of us have really stopped and asked our peers: ‘How are you? Are you ok?’ and done that genuinely. While we are all advocates of smashing patriarchy, challenging gender boxed roles, how many of us have really walked the talk and stood beside a colleague or a peer?

Recently I heard Emma Watson making an impressive speech on International Women’s Day, where she called for sisterhood…she asked sisters to join hands, work collaboratively across the globe and pull each other out. And most importantly, she said, “Let’s not be jealous of each other!” But tell me, the moment a female colleague takes maternity leaves, or takes a day off for personal emergencies or leaves early due to (well we live in a monster of a city…thanks to the unsafe environment), how many of us have tried to steal her assignments, snubbed her behind her back and mentioned how many leaves she takes and that she needs to take a decision on her priorities? Or even better, asked her to move near the office so that she can save time on commute…reality check – properties in central cities are not affordable for lots of people!

Be it a male colleague or a sister…we forget the call of sisterhood in this cut-throat competitive world. We forget that while working for the greater good and greater cause, we are not passionate about the wellbeing and mental health of the ‘sister’ with whom we work daily spend more than half of the day with…

Can we all be a little more kind to each other, we really never know the kind of personal battles each one of us is fighting…through this rant (yes I am calling it a rant, as many would tell me to stay at home…to them my advice.. Stay-at-home mothers are SUPER WOMEN…I was raised by one such SUPERWOMAN!)

Hence, I appeal to anyone who is reading the blog to be a bit more compassionate to your fellow beings…let’s genuinely ask each other: HOW ARE YOU? ARE YOU OK?

Can it hurt to be a bit more compassionate?

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