Dear Mom Of Twins, Congratulations! Do You Know What This Means, Though?

Becoming a new mother can turn life upside down, and when you are a mom of twins, it is double the trouble, but also double the fun & love!

Becoming a new mother can turn life upside down, and when you are a mom of twins, it is double the trouble, but also double the fun & love!

My beloved friend, I recently saw your pictures when your baby bump was showing and I sent you messages asking how well is the pregnancy going? I was thrilled to see you as a would-be-mom and not just a cute girl with dimples. Becoming a mother for the first time is overwhelming, but it’s not difficult. We can easily conquer it. Although we are a world apart now but somewhere in my heart I still remember those days of our friendship that defied all odds of Being a junior or senior. You are always so close to my heart like a sister.

When my husband told me about the latest news I couldn’t help it but open the social media where you announced the birth of your adorable twins- a boy and a girl. The photo made my day. I am a masi of twins. But just one thought came to my mind: how will you handle TWO little buckets of joy as a first-time parent?

Dear friend, you know looking and caring about just one child took all my energy and love, and I had to let go of so many privileges and luxuries. When I look back in time, I cannot believe that’s the same old me. Similarly, for you, everything will change too. But do not let anything or anyone come on the journey of motherhood. Be a savior and a protector with all your heart for the babies and beyond.

As a first time mom, I mostly relied on others’ experiences and on internet forums and I wish you benefit from the wisdom of the near and dear ones as well.

They say “It takes a village to raise a child” or two, and I hope you will get all the help and guidance that you deserve. Don’t hesitate to ask help from the ones around you. Let everyone have a share in the happiness in bringing up the twins and let them feel attached to their individual unseen umbilical cord.

I congratulate you again and with a very healthy life for the new mom and the babies. Keep noting their every move and get moved as it will be the first time ever moments. Click a thousand pictures as and when possible as the motherhood will eventually take over the mental stress and you will be able to enjoy the moments long afterward too.

Be ready to have a double dose of everything.

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Sleepless nights X 2
Crying X 2
Love and hugs X 2
Bottles X 2
Attention X 2
Development X 2
Baby stroller X 2
Toys X 2 – soon you will know why?

Just as I was thrilled having my little one in my arms, I wish you would be too. Certainly, ask the Dad to enjoy some diaper service and some new Dad cuddles to establish the bonding, while one can sing a sleeping lullaby another can give the twin a bath. In just a matter of days, both the new parents and the new babies will get into a routine. I am sending hugs and kisses for the little ones and the proud dad and mom of twins. Enjoy each moment and start thinking of the perfect names for them.

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