These Senior Citizens Know Pain, But Chose To Live Life, Instead!

These women in their 60s and 70s were full of life - some of them suffered from terrible diseases, but they chose to live fully, refusing to let their spirit die!

These women in their 60s and 70s were full of life – some of them suffered from terrible diseases, but they chose to live fully, refusing to let their spirit die!

I happened to accompany my mom to a ladies’ meet yesterday. I was not very eager to go, but she insisted so much that I had to give in.

There were around 13 ladies in the group, all near my mothers age. The get-together was to be followed by lunch, and Tambola thereafter. My mother was the 13th member to join, and this was her first outing with all the ladies. On reaching the venue, we met some of mom’s old friends, but there were some ladies whom she had never met.

All the ladies were dressed in the finest of clothes and jewellery, with my mom looking the simplest. Even though they were mostly in their late 60s or early 70s, they still looked quite elegant and well maintained. Along with them, I could not help noticing a lady sitting next to me, wearing a cap. I saw that she was bald, but other than this, she looked really pretty.

I decided to strike up a conversation with her by introducing myself. She in turn introduced herself as Mrs. Patni and while talking to her, I got to know that she was suffering from breast cancer, and had recently completed three chemo sessions. I was surprised to hear that, and was curious to know how she was still being able to manage such get-togethers and outings.

She replied, “If I sit at home just because I have cancer, I won’t be able to survive for long. Meeting so many people makes me forget my pain, and helps me to live my life happily and positively. The day I got the news that I was suffering from cancer, I would have surely died if it hadn’t been for my friends’ & family’s unending support. Seeing their love, I made up my mind to live the rest of my life with utmost joy and happiness. I thought – either I mourn over my illness or choose to live life, and I finally chose to live my life.”

I was teary eyed on hearing her reply, but quickly took in my tears when she said, “Did you notice that obese lady with the scarf on her head? Well, she is suffering from gall bladder cancer. She was never fat but after being on steroids since a long time, she has bloated up like anything. I am sure you must have noticed that she is the most talkative and fun loving member of the group. She is the one who has taught me to remain positive always.”

While talking to Mrs. Patni, I noticed a fragile looking lady walking back to her chair with a soup bowl in her hand. She was limping and I could clearly see that she was finding it difficult to walk. I stood up slightly to go and help her, but Mrs. Patni stopped me midway. She said, “She is Mrs. Agarwal and is suffering from bone cancer. The pain does not leave her ever, even after being on strong pain killers. But, she still has a will to do everything on her own, and dislikes anyone helping her.”

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I was speechless seeing these ladies. My mom had overheard our conversation and said, “This is so scary…so many people of my age are being diagnosed with cancer.” I looked at my mom, smiled and said, “Mumma, why are you looking at the negative aspect? See the positivity in these ladies. Even after suffering from such dreadful diseases, the will to live is still so strong in them. If they would have been negative, I am sure they would not have come so far. They still have a will to dress up, look good and enjoy life. I have learnt such an important lesson today – that it is up to us whether we want to die or live happily.”

We all have to die one day but why embrace death before its scheduled arrival? I don’t know if it was by sheer coincidence that I went for the get-together with my mom and met so many joyful & lively ladies. I have always had a very positive outlook towards life, and this incident has instilled deeper positivity in me, and I hope this article of mine has the same impact on my readers too.

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