Naked Men Are A-Okay But The Female Body Is Scary!

Posted: October 3, 2017

Think of something that you’re afraid of the most and we’ll show you something 10 times scary. Read on!

Now that the title and introduction of the post have successfully drawn your attention to this post, I’m sure you must be curious about this terribly frightening thing that I’m referring to.


dum dum dum

IT’S THE FEMALE BODY! And before you give a cry of outrage or try to exit this page, at least read the explanation so that your data doesn’t go waste. wink wink

Now, look back at the number of times you’ve seen a bra strap, underwear or a sanitary napkin, and then look back at the number of times you’ve seen shirtless men. Is the context slowly dawning on you or should I spell it out? Probably should.

The female body is the scariest thing ever…why? Because of the lengths we go to to keep it hidden and covered at all times! When was the last time you actually told a guy that his underwear strip was visible instead of just frowning or rolling your eyes? The most probable answer is never. Now make that a woman, and you’ll remember all the times you’ve tried to discreetly tell her how something is ‘showing’ in all kinds of nonverbal communication you know.

Why are we so scared of that random, stray flash of a woman’s underwear? It’s just a piece of fabric at the end of the day. Think about it, seriously. It is only us who’ve made such clothes an instrument of patriarchal oppression. Clothes are just… clothes. They cover you, make you comfortable and even pretty. But that is all. The very fact that we’re discussing it makes it a sad reality of how afraid we are of a woman who embraces her body, her self and her identity. Why has society fattened up by feeding upon the female insecurities, and by making them endless?

It is important that we detach this hesitation, this scary feeling, and the feeling that a woman’s body is a forbidden territory even to her self. It’s high time that we pierced this dense canopy of taboo and wrong-doing that every woman’s existence is shadowed with, while men go about being shirtless without a second thought.

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