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If You Think Women Can’t Do Tech, You Need To Get Out From Under The Rock

Posted: September 7, 2017

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Now if you’re out from under that rock you’ve been living in, do watch this video on women in tech, and don’t forget to ‘subscribe’ to our Youtube channel for more!

This notion that women can’t handle technology and are basically listless about it is a fallacy. We can all unequivocally agree with the fact that there is absolutely no field of work where women have not entered and passed with flying colours, then why do we still stick to this ancient stereotype?

It is visible not only in the way men treat women while they are using any new piece of gadget or doing a relatively tough process but also in the smaller things like general wife jokes and memes (which is sexist, by the way).

Sorry to break this to you, but if women can handle all the crap that they have tolerated since centuries, technology is not that big of a deal. Really. And all those people who will go on and give funny instances of how once a woman they know did something stupid or ignorant while using a computer, please note that you should check your privilege before relishing that laughter which seems to always be at the tip of your tongue.

One thing I don’t understand about men is that they are ready to mansplain things to us that we know and are mostly about ourselves. But when it comes to actually contributing to the growth of women around them, they suddenly have heaps of jokes and sly comments to make. That’s just… dumb. But maybe these men can’t see the sheer dumbness because the view is obscured by their humongous egos?

Dear men, before making such ignorant statement to others and yourself, do not forget to take a fact check first (watch this video!) and emerge much more aware than you were prior to it. Also, try not saying the phrase “not all men..” while reading this piece. Cheers!


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