‘Romantic’ Bollywood Proposals That Would Make You Lose Your Job IRL

How many times have we seen 'romantic' Bollywood proposals where a guy articulates his passion to a woman while she is in a job interview or at work?

How many times have we seen ‘romantic’ Bollywood proposals where a guy articulates his passion to the woman while she is in a job interview or at work? Will they seem equally romantic if they’re the other way round? Read on!

The amount of times I have seen people gushing about THE proposal scene in rom-com movies is crazy, and the amount of said romance goes a notch higher, apparently, if this happens in a forbidden place, like the girl’s professional space. Be it 2 States, Jolly LLB, OK Jaanu, and more.

Is it necessary that the romantic quotient of an act is directly proportional to how ridiculous it is? I mean, take the movie 2 States, for instance, where Arjun Kapoor bursts in onto Alia Bhatt’s MBA placement interview and starts rambling about how much he loves her and the usual. And then comes the most unrealistic part, she gets the job!

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Think about it in practical terms; first of all, nobody would have let a hooligan inside a placement interview considering how important it is even for the college authorities. But then Bollywood heroes seem to charm their way past airport security, what’s a mere college guard? scoffs

Secondly, after all this BS that happens, which employer will hire a woman who they think is not impressive enough to shoo her own boyfriend away from a sacred place like an interview room? The violation of that professional protocol means a life and death situation in the corporate world. No panelist has the time and patience to tolerate two college kids harping out their feelings for each other in front of them when they’re on a hectic schedule.

Now, if we invert this. Suppose a woman comes to a man’s office, starts yelling endearments and love confessions? The first reaction of the man would be to grab her arm and shove her the hell out of that place, let alone gush over how he loves her too and all that jazz. And let’s not forget the endless jokes that men at his work place would make, and how they would snigger behind his back. Because men are busy creatures, and have serious business to attend to and indulging in this ‘romantic scene’ isn’t very romantic anymore.

Also, if we look at the portrayal of a woman’s colleagues, they are shown to be so jealous of how much her significant other loves her, as if that is the only goal they have in life – sighing over men all their life. And even after all this, if you think that there is still a certain romance in such Bollywood proposals, think about how this is yet another form of male dominance which belittles the professional sphere of a woman and doesn’t pay it enough attention. A reckless disregard of her career and professional image, which would have zero tolerance for their side!


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