These Vijay Fans Abused Dhanya Rajendran Viciously, But We Should Feel Sorry For THEM?

Posted: August 9, 2017

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If you’ve been following the sickfest on Twitter, you may have heard of how Dhanya Rajendran, Editor of The News Minute, was viciously trolled by fans of Tamil Actor Vijay.

The reason? Simply because of a tweet where she mentioned that Jab Harry Met Sejal was even worse than Vijay starrer Sura.

Sounds like an innocuous opinion? Well, how dare women have opinions of any sort, and if they do, rape threats and vile abuses are just what they deserve, say these fan mafiosi, who I am sure nonetheless swoon by all the mother-sister-sentiment evoked in many Tamil movies by the very same heroes.

I was happy to see the outpouring of support for Dhanya as well, and its great to know that she has refused to stay mum, and instead taken the matter to the Police. In a heartening development, an FIR has been filed although the suspects have not been traced yet, and at the moment, it is against ‘unknown’ suspects.

Which brings me to my post.

As one of the tweets below shows, what is alarming some people is NOT that a whole bunch of hooligans used their online presence to target a woman in a vicious manner. Oh no! According to some, what we should really be worried about is whether the lives of these ‘youngsters’ will be spoilt.

Well, shoulda thought of that before jumping on the bandwagon to abuse a woman in filthy language, isn’t it? Many of them vociferously commented on social media that Dhanya ‘asked for it’ by daring to criticise the movie; it’s time to reverse the tables and give them what they were asking for.

I so hope that at least a few of these ‘brave’ men who thought online anonymity allowed them to speak trash, get their just deserts.

Top image via Twitter

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