5 Questions To Ask Before You Start Blogging Seriously

Confused whether you are ready to take your blogging to a more serious plane? Find out how to start blogging seriously.

Confused whether you are ready to take your blogging to a more serious plane and how? Read on and find out if you have what it takes to start blogging seriously.

Although there is a variety of content and help available online, every beginner has questions regarding blogging. Some of those questions are serious, and the answers can boost a blogger’s confidence tenfold. These questions actually reflect how serious and passionate the blogger is and help start their blogging journey to start with confidence. So, what are the top questions you should ask before you start blogging?

I am just a novice to blogging. Where do I start?

If you have just started to give serious thought to blogging and begun reading some articles over the internet, I am sure that you are overwhelmed. The internet is full of information on blogging and anyone can get lost in it. I was lost too. So, where do we start as a new blogger? If you are determined to start blogging, I would advise you to at least research what blogging is and if you will be able to do it or not.

Some people blog for money and some for passion. But in both cases, consistency is the key to successful blogging. Start with you. Start from noting down what you love to do. Start from assessing if your niche would help you to create a business out of your blog or not. Assess your audience and what type of information they would love to read on your blog.

How much time does a blog need?

In my opinion, this is one of the most important questions you should ask before you start blogging. Ask yourself how much time you can invest every day in blogging. Blogging is a serious business. You cannot expect that you will write for one month and people will take you for a serious blogger.

Blogging needs lots of energy and hard work from you. You need to create content for your blog, promote it online-offline, answer comments and connect with the blogosphere. It is time-consuming and needs your constant attention.

Ask yourself if you are ready to cut your ‘me’ time for browsing Facebook or TV channels to give to the blog. Ask yourself if you are ready to invest time on your blog even on Sundays or other holidays. If the answer is ‘yes’, you are almost ready to give serious blogging a warm welcome.

Why do you blog?

Is blogging your passion or do you want to start earning from it? If you are new to the idea of making money online, let me tell you that it is a legitimate source of income (no scams there!) A majority of my income comes from writing and you can do the same with your blogging.

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The internet is full of bloggers who are making good money (read six figure income). Melyssa from www.melyssagriffin.com makes one lakh dollars on average per month. Harsh Agrawal from www.shoutmeloud.com is earning in six figures every month. These are all successful bloggers who have put in a lot of effort to their passion for blogging. In return, they are living their lives being their own boss. But this success never came overnight. They work hard even now to run their blogs successfully.

Ask yourself first: Why are you blogging? If you are blogging for passion, that’s great. Blogging is the fastest way to popularize your creativity and establish yourself as an expert. And if you are thinking of earning from it, you must be prepared with your blogs from the very first day of blogging.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

Well, it’s a tricky question. And the answer is a bit complex too. Blogging can be done on a free platform like wordpress.com or blogger but all such blogging platforms comes with their own baggage. These free blogging platforms are good for passion or hobby bloggers but if you want to earn from blogging in long run, I advise you to go for a self-hosted blog.

The cost of self-hosted blogging depends upon the service providers and the plan you choose. But on an average, it is 7,000 to 10,000 INR per year.

Is it possible to make money with a blog?

Yes. It is possible if you are serious about your blog. But let me tell you clearly here that it is not easy or fast. Blogging is like a marathon where you need to run or invest a good deal of time and hard work before you get the destination. It takes time.

Dedicate a serious amount of your time and creativity in your blog to make a good income. The top ways to make money from your blog are:

  • Advertisement – Ads are a good source to earn some extra money from your blog. Personally, I have little to no ads on my blog as I do not have extra time to manage the ads.
  • Affiliate marketing – You can promote things by other online giants like Amazon or Flipkart or any other brand which offers affiliate marketing through your writings. For each sale, you get a commission which is good money without much effort.
  • Sponsored posts – My personal favourite. Write about things or brands that need promotion through your blog and earn good money.
  • Services – You can list the services you offer on your blog or offer free tips to attract people to your services. You can offer any service in any criteria. Just know your value and set the price accordingly.
  • Product – Do you have a product? Like a book, online course, accessories, jewellery or clothes? Your blog is the best place to sell them to a dedicated audience.

I hope this questions and answers will help you to start blogging and making a career out of it.

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