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Gang Rape And Acid Attack Victim Attacked For The FOURTH Time: Who Is The Real Culprit?

The safety of women has yet again been put in question after an acid attack victim went through another acid attack for the fourth time.

The safety of women has yet again been put in question after an acid attack and gang rape victim went through another acid attack for the fourth time. Is this what humanity has come to?

Uttar Pradesh, or UP, has always been under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Most of them being the extremely high crime rate, especially against women. This latest piece of news about an acid victim attack being attacked for the fourth time has left us shuddering and questioning the life of women in the state.

According to Firstpost, the victim was attacked on the night of the 1st of July again, for the fourth time. After being gang raped in 2008, attacked with acid in 2011 and 2013, she was yet again subjected to this inhumane act.

Acid attacks are a physical manifestation of the ugliest and most grotesque inner workings of a criminal. The desire to inflict sheer pain on a human is sadistic and portrays the deeply rooted filth in their minds. The history of acid attacks makes us believe the convenience with which a person is capable of ruining somebody’s life, scarring them not just physically but mentally and emotionally. This brings us to two questions: why are such corrosive acids accessible to almost anybody in the country and why is that no solid steps have been taken by the authorities in the direction of these happenings?

“The attack took place despite the fact that the survivor had round-the-clock police protection and an armed guard.”

According to the above statement, it is clearly implied that the criminal(s) breezily threw acid in front of the police. Is there not an ounce of any fear present? Can it be said that the reason for this absence of fear is because nothing really happens to acid attackers?

I’m not being ignorant or making blanket statements, but the level of cruelty towards the victim is shocking and the ruthlessness to pull it off has to come from somewhere. And that ‘somewhere’ mostly lies in the domain of the lack of implementation of law and order in the state. Not only in the state, but the whole of the nation because acid attacks and crime against women aren’t exlcusive to UP.

One thing that we derive from this is that the sale of acid has to be regulated, its use in common households discouraged. It is not a plaything of such miscreants to be used as per their whims and fancies. Perhaps, the govt. instead of boasting about it’s ‘achievements’ of 100 days should have made sure that, at least, this woman should have been given justice, considering she was promised the same by the CM himself.

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Right now, I do not see anything but pain and the failure of law etched onto every strand of this incident.

Top image via Pixabay

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