This Adorable Video Makes Periods Normal For Babas And Their Daughters

Watch this adorable video about a single father talking about *whispers* Menstruation with his daughter and making it clear why it isn't that big of a deal.

Watch this adorable video about a single father talking about *whispers* Menstruation with his daughter and making it clear why it isn’t that big of a deal.

Menstruation, colloquially known as periods in most houses, is an extremely hush-hush topic which is reserved for the female population of the house. Even this female to female interaction, about the most natural thing about their bodies, is often done non-verbally. Eye signals, hand movements and wiggling of brows like we are neanderthals who haven’t developed a full-fledged communication system yet. Even in the 21st century.

Naturally, the ‘period-talk’ is what mothers are supposed to have with their daughters but what about the situation when the mother is absent? This video depicts the same.

They make it crystal clear with their body-language and vague dialogue without once mentioning the very thing the whole video is about. It sweetly depicts that menstruation is not an alien concept and it is okay to talk to your fathers about it. They know. They can help. If we just go ahead and talk.

With Father’s Day just gone and Phullu coming soon in the theatres, and a petition to de-classify sanitary napkins from the luxury tax bracket, it is essential that we too begin the conversation at our homes. Make it normal. Not only will it lead to ridding of the taboo around the word but also to a better awareness and sensitivity about the absolutely natural process that the female sex goes through every month. And this is what will ultimately make the world a better place that understands women and what they go through.

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