I Forgot To Wish My Mom On Mother’s Day; Here’s What Preeto Taught Me

This beautiful account is of a daughter who has no clue of Mother's Day, but lives it everyday. Read on for a heartwarming true story!

This beautiful account is of a daughter who has no clue of Mother’s Day, but lives it everyday. Read on for a heartwarming true story!

Our maid was complaining of knee pain for a couple of days when one day, her daughter turned up all of a sudden. Our maid comes to our locality in Kharar, Punjab to help us in our daily household chores from a village nearby, Navan Shehar Badala, covering a long distance. Her daughter is married and lives in yet another neighbouring village, Rasan Hedi which is almost ten kilometres away, and she came to meet her mother by bus.

Preeto came to her mother as she needed a job, the same as what her mother does – mopping and sweeping and washing utensils. Being a daughter, she mopped the floor of my house on her mother’s behalf since she knew that her mother’s knee was troubling her. For a couple of days, her mother looked around for some job for Preeto while she was coming and mopping the floor of my house – something I didn’t particularly notice at that time.

Within 3-4 days, Preeto’s mother had found her a job but she still turned up to mop the floor of my house while her mother swept the floor and washed the utensils. I did not notice all this till the day my mother called me and complained,“You never call me. What in the world do you remain busy with?”

As always, I had the same old story to tell, “Mom…you know how troublesome your naughty pie has become. When he goes out to play, I..”

“So you didn’t have time even to wish your mother on Mother’s Day?” My mom cut me short.

“Oh my God!” I slapped my forehead, realising that Mother’s Day had just passed by and I didn’t even wish mom.

As I was telling my husband, Ishaan what a blunder I had committed in not even wishing my mother on Mother’s Day, an inquisitive Preeto, who was mopping the floor of the drawing room where Ishaan and I were sitting at that time, asked, “Paabi ei Mother’s Day ki hunda ai?” (Bhabhi, what is this Mother’s Day?)

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I tried to explain to her that the second Sunday of the month of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day and kids do something special for their mothers on this day. While telling her the day, I realised that Mother’s Day had fallen on the same day when Preeto came to my house for the first time and mopped the floor of my house in order to help her mother. I was reminded of the smile that my maid had on her face that day. Preeto made it Mother’s Day – in fact many days -for her mother in the true sense of the word and that too without having the slightest knowledge of the day.

Image via Flickr, credits Neil Palmer, CIAT, used under a Creative Commons license 2.0

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