Here’s What Savvy Men Will Do To Share The Stress (And Joy!) Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is joyful, but hanging out with friends and going to parties during your pregnancy can be hard! Here’s a funny look.

Pregnancy is joyful, but hanging out with friends and going to parties during your pregnancy can be hard! Here’s a funny look.

Pregnancy is the most exciting, exhilarating and at the same time, extremely tiring journey of a couple’s life. For the woman, her body goes through so many changes. She has to take care of herself and at the same time try and enjoy the anticipation of the coming bundle of joy.

A man cannot understand the physical aspects of pregnancy, but emotionally he certainly can try to be at the same level as his wife.

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At this time, here are a few ways where the man can step up and be there in small ways for his partner. For male readers, here are some sure shot ways for earning those brownie points with your partner, which will last for the rest of your life!

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Tip 1: Be a man who cooks!

Keep smaller size meals ready for her to eat, and no, we don’t mean just opening a can! Smaller meals help beat acidity and indigestion issues during pregnancy. Get cooking, and make sure she has food available when she gets hungry.

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Tip 2: Remind her to eat!

Parties mean loads of fun, loud conversation, maybe even party games. However in all this, the routine of healthy food gets highly disturbed. So always remind your wife to have a healthy meal before leaving for any party as you never know when the food will be served there!


Tip 3: Carry along a healthy snack

All of our party food is generally too rich and oily. That will do no good for the pregnant woman, other than bring in tons of acidity and indigestion! So always carry healthy snacks for her to munch on at gatherings.

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Tip 4: Keep away well-meaning but annoying people!

Pregnancy also brings in loads of myths and old wives tales. Especially in a family gathering, numerous well-meaning aunties can mob you with unsolicited advice. The best thing that a husband can do for his wife is act as a shield and a knight in shining armour between the wife and these relatives!


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