Indian Soap Bahus! You’re Creating An Ideal Image I Simply Don’t Want To Live Upto

Indian soap bahus are indeed superwomen, and it comes easily to them because they are fictional! But how about us real life women who can't or don't want to be so 'perfect'?

Indian soap bahus are indeed superwomen, and it comes easily to them because they are fictional! But how about us real life women who can’t or don’t want to be so ‘perfect’?

The daily Indian soap bahus are just perfect; perfect in all aspects. Hair and makeup on point even while they are cooking, cleaning or sleeping for that matter. They are loved by the entire household, solve problems like a boss, easily manage home and family, celebrate every little festival with grandeur! They perform household work along with taking care of kids and office while solving other people’s problems simultaneously, let alone their own! To top it all, they look fresh all the time!

Yes, this ticks me off a little. Not because they can do all these things but, because my mom expects me to be like them! Yes, you read that right. She, along with many innocent ladies who watch daily soaps, want their bahus and betis to be like the ones shown in the serials. It is next to impossible to achieve that feat and I don’t want to either! Aren’t these serials and daily Indian soap bahus creating a false image of women which is so different from real life?

I have my own goals, dreams and desires which are dear to me! I certainly do not aspire to become a perfect bahu like in those serials but yes, I am damn sure I will become a good one too! Not perfect but good for sure! The additional pressure that these serials put on us girls to look and behave in a certain way is crazy. The expectations that come along with that are insane. I feel daughters and daughters-in-law should definitely not be compared to those fictional characters. We already have too much to handle in life and this additional pressure to be an ideal daughter or an ideal bahu is not only scary but also tiring.

I often tease my mom that she loves a few of her favourite onscreen characters more than me and we have a good laugh. I fear it to be true! I read a beautiful quote the other day that stayed with me. It read, “The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it with something else.”

It is best that we do not compare our real life with someone else’s highlighted reel life! Let our daughters and daughters-in-law breathe the fresh air of freedom and uniqueness that they are born with! Let’s all be uniquely happy!

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