This Valentine’s Day, These Personalised Gifts Let You Do It Your Way

Posted: February 7, 2017

Valentine’s Day need not doing what everyone else does! These thoughtful and personalised gifts will have your significant other feeling mighty pampered.

I love the month of February; after all, this is the month of celebrating love and friendship. To me, it’s even more special as I celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th – exactly a week before my wedding anniversary on Feb 21st.

I am blessed to have been married to my schoolmate who is now my soulmate, and we celebrate our sassy seventeenth wedding anniversary this year. And every year, especially around this time I reminisce about how my husband and I have evolved in our beautiful relationship – so have our feelings about celebrating Valentine’s.

During our courtship, V-Day was the day to bombard each other with compliments, gifts, hugs and roses, heavy-duty emotional greeting cards loaded with large doses of PDA (Public Display of Affection) and make all this look as cool as possible. There was also this subtle social pressure about who got the best gift from their Valentine and who the coolest V-Day couple was.

Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to judge anyone basis the gifts showered on their Valentine, as I ended up having just ONE boyfriend and also ended up marrying him. Sigh! I always joke about this with my husband, but I don’t believe in ‘variety is the spice of life’ – instead, my best friend-cum husband is ‘THE slice of my life’!

Today, V-Day has the same significance in our lives but with a completely new dimension. We no longer worry about how to make it look cool; rather we now enjoy keeping it simple and fun, though still loaded with large doses of PDA (now, Personal Display of Affection).

This is a day to celebrate our friendship, our unsaid understanding of each other, our struggles, our shortcomings, our triumphs and our unconditional love for our son and everything else we have built together, all on our own. And it gives me great pleasure to personally handpick these gifts that I would like to shower upon my Valentine.

That’s where this online gifting store has come in extremely useful and has let me come up with ideas for personalised gifts from a wide variety of options.

(Check out my ideas for personalised gifts and read on to the end for a fun giveaway that awaits you!)

A personalised hamper

This is a perfect gift for my ‘Mr. Perfectionist.’ This is very sleek and suave, and I would like to gift this to my Valentine and see him respond with “It’s Perrrrrfect.” Make a hamper of what your loved one would most fancy.

Find here: Personalised gift hamper


Hearts never go out of style

My next pick is a heart shaped gift. It indeed is very difficult for me to resist a heart-shaped gift, but not everyone feels the same. My husband for instance doesn’t know how to be mushy and has a very logical and practical approach towards life and love. But, the diehard romantic that I am, I wish to wear my heart on my sleeve and gift this precious set of coasters to the one and only who stole my heart. This will certainly make him cringe but my heart will swell with love!

Find here: Personalised coasters


A greeting card still works

When my husband and I were dating, we would gift each other a greeting card for every special occasion or a card for a special moment or a message we wished to convey. Even a simple ‘Sorry or ‘Thank You’ was conveyed with a beautiful card and I still have all of those neatly tucked in a safe corner inside my closet. Today, online space has replaced this practice and especially young kids, like my 11-year-old son don’t appreciate the value of a greeting card. I would love to gift a beautiful card which says ‘Together we win’ to the boys in my life and shall ensure they keep it…forever!

Find here: Personalised greeting cards

Wine it up

Every time my husband reminds me about our retirement, I earnestly tell him, “Yes, I do have a retirement plan. I plan to drink wine.” I have a small, cosy bar nicely created in our home and I believe Home is where the wine is. And now with such increased medical evidence that suggests drinking Red Wine is beneficial for health, who wouldn’t like to wine it up? I love this personalised gift set of two wine glasses which I would love to gift my husband with a message ‘I will always be your partner in wine!’

Find here: Personalised wine glasses


Crystal clarity

The next one is this beautiful personalised anniversary crystal cube. It’s a perfect personalised gift for us as we celebrate our seventeenth wedding anniversary this month and this gift will remind us of the ‘bond’ we signed up for and with each other.

Find here: Personalised crystal cube

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you and have a great day celebrating love and friendship and do it in your own, special way.

And now a special giveaway for our readers!

Head over to IGP and pick 1 gift that will delight that special person in your life. Paste the link in the comments below, before 12th February with a note on why you love it. We will be picking 5 lucky winners to receive gift vouchers of Rs.1000 each!

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I am Rachana Gupta, a happy and highly spirited woman, who loves being the sunshine

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    I would love to gift my man ‘Tantra T-shirt & Goodies Hamper for Tea Lovers’. The very mention of Tea and biscuits lightens up my man’s face and taste buds. It is his favourite hot drink by a long way and one I look forward to make for him every day. He calls his tea his “oasis of relaxation” in a busy day which recharges him instantly. The pack of Green tea which the hamper has, is with more of the simple flavonoids called catechins which would keep his heart and blood vessels healthy and slow his ageing process so that he looks young and fit. Our tea time together has always been the easiest method to get worries off our chests and download our problems. For me there is something inexplicably attractive about watching my man enjoy his tea made by me. The Tshirt has ‘Ramu Kaka’ which is very close to my nick name, I am sure this gift would delight him very much.

    Happy Valentine’s day from us to everyone and stay in Love forever. It is a wonderful feeling.

  2. I would love to gift my man the ‘Azzaro collection…with the loofah and UCB essentials’

    He is a stickler for fragrances, and so am I! What better than having him smell yummy while he looks his dashing self, right?

    It is the perfect Valentine gift which will make both of us very happy. Wish everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day and celebrate love and the bliss of it all year round. ❤

  3. I would like to order the Love mug set of 2 with lindt chocolates.

    This is the perfect gift I can think of ,for the Valentine’s. This day is not just his or mine, but it is meant for US…to be celebrated together. Our day starts with a cup of tea in bed and ends with a cup of milk in bed. This duo mug set is a perfect way to cherish the Love and warmth together. And the chocolates are for me. 😉

  4. For this Valentine´s Day, my wishlist would be The Butterfly Shaped Peruvian Thread Earrings & Pendant Set´for my daughter. She is very artistic and loves to dress up. This set matches her with her free spirited and cheerful personality. This is to remind her that no matter what, she is greatly loved, extremely special, beautiful inside out and is truly one-of-a-kind´like the butterfly themed earring-pendent set itself.

  5. I would love to gift my loved one this gold plated rose with blue petals found on IGP ( as he loves gold collectibles. Moreover Rose has always been a factor of wonder throughout our journey from friendship to love. And blue being is favourite color 🙂

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