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I am Rachana Gupta, a happy and highly spirited woman, who loves being the sunshine in the life of my dearest 10 year old son and my loving husband, Vishal who was my schoolmate and is now my soulmate. I love leading life to the fullest, spending time with my family and friends, travelling , listening to music and enjoying wine with my loved ones. I have been a part of the corporate world for the last 16 years as a BPO professional heading large teams in learning and development and customer experience . In 2015, when I officially hit middle-age and was celebrating my being over the hill, I was enlightened with where my passion lies and decided to seriously do something about this. So here I am, getting ready to spread my happiness quotient in people's lives and creating a long term positive impact as Happiness Coach. I live in Mumbai and can be reached at [email protected]

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International Dog’s Day: What Kind Of A Dog Are You?

August 26th is International Dog's Day. Thanks to her son, this mom learnt what kind of dog she was. How about you?

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It’s World Breastfeeding Week…Ah, My Days Of Being Mother Dairy!

It’s World Breastfeeding Week and it’s very heartening to see the support this natural part of a mother-child relationship has gained over the last few years.

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The Top 5 Habits Of Happy Mothers

Happy mothers are essential, before mothers can make anybody else happy! Here are some 'happiness secrets' from moms who enjoy their journey.

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International Yoga Day: Here’s My journey From No Yoga To Yo! Yoga

On International Yoga Day, if you are a yogini already, share how you got into the Yoga groove! And if not, its time to get inspired and start practising.

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A Father’s Day Special: Dad May Adopt Different Strokes And That’s OK!

A big part of having your spouse as an involved parent is letting him parent in his own special 'dad style'. A special message before Father's Day.

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when your children grow up
Ask Not What They Want To Be When They Grow Up. Ask Your Children What They Want To Be TODAY!

What should you ask about what they want to be when your children grow up? A personal account of how this writer came to her conclusions.

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A Happy Mother’s Day To My Inspiring MIL Who Gave Me The Best Gift Of My Life

On Mother's Day, this author takes time out to think of and wish her mother-in-law, a strong woman who has battled enormous adversity and continues to fight.

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have a baby
A Message To The Aunty Brigade: Back Off! The ‘Ghar Ka Chirag’ Will Be Expected On My Schedule!

Who should decide if and when to have a baby? The couple in question, and no one else. A snarky personal account of this social problem!

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A Women’s Day Message: Raising A Toast To A Man Who Raised A Confident Woman

Here is an unusual Women's Day message of love and gratitude: not to a woman, but to a father who has raised a confident woman!

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Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts, You Do It Your Way!

Valentine’s Day need not doing what everyone else does! These thoughtful and personalised gifts will have your significant other feeling mighty pampered.

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My Story Of Surviving A Dengue Fever Attack With Even My Sense Of Humour Intact!

A Dengue fever attack can be deadly, and excruciating at the least, and this is what you can do to overcome it!

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So My Son Wants To Change His Last Name For A Very Heartwarming Reason

The tale of a child in a mixed marriage - and why he wants to change his last name to accommodate both his parents' backgrounds.

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How I Explained Periods And PMS To My Son, Even Though I Admit, I Was A Bit Hesitant At First!

Talking about periods to a son is just as important as talking to a daughter. Sons should know too, so that they can empathize with the women in their lives!

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A Memorable All Girls Trip To Bhutan, The Land Of Happiness!

The author speaks of an all girls trip to Bhutan, the land of happiness and beauty, easily accessible to Indian citizens.

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Confessions Of A Mom Who Can’t Cook!

I am a mom who can't cook. What, then, of "Maa ke haath ka khana?"

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Acne And Pimples: Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Chodenge

Acne and pimples can play havoc with one's self esteem. The trick is in accepting them and realizing that inner beauty that is not affected by them!

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Freedom? It Is The Kind Of Love That Sets You Free To Be Yourself!

Are you free to be yourself in your relationships with others? A lovely reflection on Independence Day, around what freedom truly means.

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How I Gain My Inspiration From My Domestic Help – My ‘Calm’wali Bai!

We can learn from absolutely anyone, if we open our heart and minds. Here is a touching account of taking everyday inspiration from domestic help.

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