Urvashi, Urvashi! This No-Bullshit Feminist Remix Of The Urvashi Song Is Delightful

This delightful feminist remix of the Urvashi song takes on sexism, victim-blaming, fat-shaming...I guess you can see we are thrilled about it!

This delightful feminist remix of the Urvashi song takes on sexism, victim-blaming, fat-shaming…I guess you can see we are thrilled about it!
Two decades ago, when A.R.Rahman created the popular song, Urvashi Urvashi for the Tamil film Kadhalan (remade in Hindi as Humse hai Muqabla), it was an instant hit. The mantra “Take it easy policy” became a literal hit among young people.
The flip side? Whenever women protested against the restrictions imposed on them, we were asked to “chill” or to “take it easy“. One of the several  Bollywood songs that reeked of sexism, this song has now been rewritten by the Breakthrough India with their Urvashi Feminist Remix version, asking women not to take it easy anymore.
The rules to be followed by ‘sanskari’ women have always been dictated by the society; be it the clothes we have to wear or the choices we make in terms of sex, love and relationships. The concept of consent especially by girls, is rarely given importance. Women who do not conform to traditional and conservative lifestyles or enjoy partying and drinking are considered way ‘too modern’. This is a complete no-no since it can affect the ‘family dignity’ and is also ‘an invitation to get raped’. Women’s beauty is judged based on their body shape and size . ‘Fat’ girls are a no-no and a woman is only as good as her looks. And the list goes on.

The new remixed song encourages young girls to embrace their own identity; to make choices as per their wishes and not according to society. To break the invisible barriers on the path to success, fulfilling their dreams. This video motivates young girls to live confidently and not to ignore the intrusive remarks from others. It asks girls not to feel guilty and not to accept any victim blaming.
In a few years, my little kid would turn into a young woman. As a mother, I would want the young girls of this generation to get away from the shackles of the conservative society and live extraordinary lives.
After all, girls, you are awesome!

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Top image is a screen grab from the video


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