Wings! [#Poetry]

Posted: January 17, 2017

This goes out to all the women out there to hold on to your dreams and to nurture them, reaching for dreams whenever it is possible!

Oh to see you be like the birds!
To sing, to take off, to soar
To know what it is to be alive
And free at its very core

To bring young ones into the world
To feed them and watch them grow
Help them take wings each day
Only to one day, let them go

And while tending to them
Keep your own wings strong
Knowing your own time to fly
Isn’t ever truly gone

So why weren’t you more like the birds
That you carved your own limits
Got so caught up in your duties
That you forgot to feed your spirit

So keep your songs intact and your wings strong
Don’t ever let them go lame
The ground is as much yours
As the sky is yours to claim

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